Find out about the best sales outreach tools of 2024 with this comprehensive article.

Sales outreach is on the rise again. But to build a five-star outreach sequence, you first need to get the right equipment for yourself and your team.

Here are 15 tools to boost your outbound outreach efforts, integrate multiple channels, and more!

What is outreach?

Outreach is the process of connecting with potential customers. The goal is always to promote a product, service, or cause. This strategy uses personalized communications like email, social media, and phone calls to engage prospects.

Good outreach raises awareness and interest. This process also helps build relationships, expand networks, and foster business growth. It does this by reaching out to a targeted audience. To do effective outreach, you need to understand your audience's needs and interests. You must tailor the message accordingly and choose the right channels.


Best for

Starting price/user/month

G2 rating


NetHunt CRM

Best pick overall



Reporting functionality is quite limited


Gmail mass emailing


Not provided

Lacks advanced features and integrations

AI-powered sales tool

Contact for quote


Takes time to learn; potentially prohibitive pricing

Great data enrichment



May not offer the same depth outside of sales processes; is hard to navigate

Most feature-rich



Can be hard to set up; creating and multi-channel sequences is not easy either


An automation powerhouse

Contact for quote


Takes time learn how to use; expensive


A CRM and sales tool in one



Overwhelming for first-time users


Complex sequence builder



Lacks in features outside automation, few integrations


A classic sales outreach tool

Contact for quote


Limited functions beyond email outreach


LinkedIn automation tool



Limited in broader communication channels; fantastic integration depth


Sales engagement platform



Can be hard to learn for new users


An outbound-dedicated tool



Less specialized in CRM or email marketing; questionable integration depth


Straightforward sales tool



Doesn’t do much beyond email outreach; some features are only available in higher tiers


A blend of creativity, personalization, and efficiency



The tool’s innovative features can be hard to learn


Laser-focused on LinkedIn



Only compatible with LinkedIn

15 best tools for outreach

So, you’ve decided to boost your outreach efforts. Here are 15 tools that can help you increase the productivity of one or more of your outreach-related processes.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the tools.

NetHunt CRM — Best pick overall

NetHunt CRM is both a CRM and sales outreach tool in one. It received a ton of positive feedback since its launch in 2015.

NetHunt CRM is a robust and flexible system. You can customize the tool however you want and it offers unmatched integrations. NetHunt CRM streamlines your business processes, allowing automation and expansion without constant tab switching.


NetHunt CRM’s outreach feature suite includes:

  • Data enrichment with the help of Apollo and Hunter
  • Email campaign management
  • Email open rate tracking and automated follow-ups
  • Email campaign personalization with the help of Macros
  • Multi-channel sequences that can run through email, LinkedIn, and phone
  • Message personalization with the use of macros
  • LinkedIn lead generation at the click of a button
  • High level of integration with other tools you use in your outreach workflows
  • Track opens and clicks


NetHunt CRM's pricing starts at $24 per user, per month, and goes up to $96 per user, per month for its most expensive plan.

Review ratings

NetHunt CRM holds an impressive 4.7 rating on G2 and a 4.8 rating on Capterra. They are one of the top-rated CRM systems available on these review platforms.


NetHunt CRM’s reporting functionality isn’t as strong as some of the other outreach tools on this list. If you’re looking to collect data across hundreds of points, you might feel underwhelmed. However, the available Looker Studio integration make up for this limitation.

GMass — Gmail mass emailing

GMass is an accessible email marketing tool that operates directly within Gmail. However, GMass struggles to stand out when compared to more comprehensive outreach solutions like NetHunt CRM. It lacks the depth and breadth of functionality that other tools provide.


GMass allows users to:

  • Send bulk emails directly from Gmail
  • Schedule emails and follow-ups
  • Track opens and clicks
  • Personalize emails with simple mail merge tags
  • Create email lists from Google Sheets


GMass pricing starts at $25 a month, which is higher than NetHunt CRM’s basic plan. In comparison to the price, GMass's functionality is lacking.


  • Not many advanced email outreach and CRM features.
  • Few integration options with other business tools. — AI-powered sales tool is a leader in the sales outreach market. Its rise to prominence is backed by a powerful platform that optimizes the entire sales process.

Features's platform has a wide range of features, including:

  • Advanced sequence planning means you can integrate emails, calls, social selling, and SMS and engage prospects across multiple channels.
  • AI-driven insights optimize the timing and content of outreach efforts.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. These can help you better understand what’s up with your sales activities and outcomes.
  • Ample integrations with popular CRMs, marketing tools, and other software for sales teams.
  • Robust customization so your sales team can tailor the platform to its specific processes and strategies.

Pricing is priced on request. You’d have to contact their sales team to get a quote.

Review Ratings is rated 4.3 on G2.


  • The comprehensive nature of means there is a steeper learning curve compared to more basic tools.
  •'s pricing can be prohibitive. It’s less accessible than simpler, more affordable tools.
  • Implementing and integrating it with existing systems can be time-intensive. — Great data enrichment offers tools designed to streamline the lead generation and outreach process. The company positions its product as a more holistic solution, providing features that support email campaigns as well as a broader spectrum of lead acquisition and management tasks.

Features has features that go beyond basic email outreach including:

  • Email finder tools that help users identify and collect email addresses from various online sources.
  • Email verification service to ensure high deliverability rates through clean email lists.
  • Automated email sequences with customization and personalization capabilities.
  • Basic CRM functionality to manage leads and track interactions within the platform.
  • Integration with popular tools and platforms to enhance workflow and data synchronization.

Pricing has a free plan. The cheapest paid plan starts at $30/mo.

Review Ratings is rated 4.5 on G2.


  • While offers a broad set of features, it may not provide the same level of depth and specialization in certain areas as platforms dedicated solely to those functions.
  • Navigating’s comprehensive platform might be less intuitive compared to other tools on the list.
  • Although supports integrations with other software, the depth and ease of these integrations may not match platforms which place more focus on seamless connectivity. — Most feature-rich is a powerful tool for managing multi-channel sales engagement processes. The solution’s comprehensive approach to automating outreach makes it a favorite among businesses aiming to improve their efficiency and response rates.

Features's platform is rich with features designed to enhance sales and marketing efforts, including:

  • Automated email outreach and follow-ups with personalized templates.
  • Multi-channel sequence creation that allows teams to engage prospects through email, LinkedIn, phone calls, and SMS.
  • Built-in CRM functionalities to manage leads and track interactions.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools to measure and optimize campaign performance.
  • Integration with major CRM systems, LinkedIn, and other tools to streamline workflows and data exchange.

Pricing has a free plan, with the cheapest plan starting at $49/month.

Review Ratings

Reply is rated 4.6 on G2.


Some users may find the initial setup and creation of multi-channel sequences daunting.

SalesLoft — An automation powerhouse

SalesLoft has swiftly ascended to become a cornerstone in the sales engagement and automation space—acclaimed for its ability to transform and elevate the outreach process.


SalesLoft's outreach capabilities are robust and diverse. Here’s what the platform can do:

  • Dynamic email campaign management with advanced personalization and templating options.
  • Multi-channel engagement strategies which allow sales teams to connect with prospects via email, phone calls, social media, and SMS within a single platform.
  • Real-time analytics and engagement insights provide actionable data to refine and optimize outreach strategies.
  • Integration with major CRM platforms, ensuring seamless data synchronization and workflow continuity.
  • AI-driven sales coaching and feedback, guiding sales professionals to improve their outreach techniques and strategies.


The company does not provide pricing on their website. Contact the sales team for a quote.

Review Ratings

Salesloft is rated 4.5 on G2


  • There's a steep learning curve involved for sales teams to fully utilize all features effectively.
  • For smaller teams or businesses on tight budgets, SalesLoft's pricing structure may be a barrier.

ClickUp — A CRM and Sales tool in one

ClickUp is a project management tool that wants to do more than project management by integrating tools that facilitate efficient sales processes and client engagement.

Unlike platforms exclusively focused on sales outreach, ClickUp provides a holistic environment for all teams. This includes, of course, sales teams that can organize their outreach campaigns in ClickUp.


In the context of sales outreach, ClickUp includes:

  • Customizable task and project boards to manage sales pipelines and outreach campaigns.
  • Built-in email and communication tools for direct client interaction within the platform.
  • Templates for sales processes you can personalize and scale according to your team's needs.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for tracking outreach performance, lead progression, and team productivity.
  • Integration with CRM systems and other sales tools. It’s possible to build effective data exchange and workflow automation.

ClickUp's adaptability makes it a great option for sales teams looking for a more integrated and flexible approach to sales management and outreach.


ClickUp has a free plan, with the cheapest paid plan costing $7 per user, per month.

Review Ratings

ClickUp is rated 4.7 on G2.


While ClickUp offers features for you to leverage for sales outreach, it is not a dedicated sales platform. Teams looking for specialized sales engagement functionalities might find them less comprehensive compared to dedicated sales outreach solutions.

SalesBlink focuses on empowering sales teams with features to boost sales campaigns.

This platform is a great choice for sales professionals seeking a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution that automates much of the sales pipeline.


SalesBlink's suite of features were meticulously crafted to support every stage of the sales process, including:

  • A robust prospecting tool to identify and gather leads based on industry, role, and other criteria.
  • Automated cold email and follow-up sequences, allowing for personalized communication at scale.
  • A built-in CRM to manage leads and track interactions throughout the sales cycle.
  • Scheduling tools to easily set up meetings with prospects.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for insights into campaign performance and outcomes.


Salesblink starts at $25 per user, per month and goes up to $179 per user, per month

Review Ratings

Salesblink is rated 4.5 on G2.


  • While SalesBlink's focus on sales automation is a strength. it may not serve businesses looking for a more diverse set of tools that spans beyond sales and marketing.
  • Although SalesBlink integrates with several popular tools, its ecosystem is not as extensive as some competitors. This could limit seamless workflow integration for businesses using a wide array of platforms.

Woodpecker — A classic

Woodpecker offers a focused solution aimed at improving the cold emailing process for B2B companies. Unlike broader sales or project management platforms, Woodpecker specializes in automating and personalizing email outreach.


Woodpecker's feature set is all about optimizing your email outreach campaigns, including:

  • Automated cold email campaigns with personalized follow-ups, ensuring each prospect receives a tailored communication path.
  • Email deliverability tools, including spam test scores and domain warm-up suggestions, to maximize inbox placement rates.
  • A/B testing capabilities to refine and improve email content based on real performance data.
  • Integration with CRM systems and other sales tools, allowing for seamless workflow and data synchronization.
  • Real-time tracking and analytics that provide insights into campaign performance, open rates, reply rates, and more.


We couldn’t locate Woodpecker’s pricing on its website. Contact the sales team for a quote.

Review Ratings

Woodpecker is rated 4.1 on G2.


  • Woodpecker's specialization in email outreach is a double-edged sword. While it excels in this area, businesses looking for a more comprehensive sales or marketing platform may find it lacking.
  • Woodpecker offers integrations with many CRM systems and sales tools, but the range and depth of these integrations may not match those of fuller platforms.

Mailshake — LinkedIn automation and deliverability tool

Mailshake is a compelling solution for sales engagement and email outreach. It can help you maximize your email campaign efforts. Additionally, MailShake supports the deliverability of emails and collects data points on their performance.

Unlike platforms with a broader focus, Mailshake focuses solely on helping you achieve effective cold email outreach.


Mailshake has features for  effective email campaigns, including:

  • Personalized cold email campaigns that can scale, allowing users to send hundreds to thousands of customized messages effortlessly.
  • Automated follow-up sequences, ensuring no potential lead slips through the cracks due to lack of communication.
  • Built-in phone dialer and social media outreach capabilities, extending outreach beyond email.
  • A/B testing for emails to optimize campaign performance based on concrete data.
  • Comprehensive analytic dashboard to track opens, clicks, replies, and more, providing clear insights into campaign effectiveness.
  • Seamless integrations with CRM tools and other sales platforms to streamline workflows and maintain consistency across sales efforts.


Mailshake starts at $25 per user, per month for its cheapest plan, going up to $99 per user, per month for its most expensive plan.

Review Ratings

Mailshake is rated 4.7 on G2.


  • While Mailshake excels for email outreach, companies looking for a sales engagement platform with broader communication channels might find its capabilities somewhat limited.
  • Although Mailshake integrates with various tools, the depth and breadth of these integrations may not fully satisfy businesses with complex or highly specialized sales tech stacks.

Klenty — Sales engagement platform

Klenty offers a sophisticated platform for sales teams aiming to boost their outreach and engagement efforts. Specializing in automating the sales outreach process, Klenty excels in facilitating personalized communication at scale.


Klenty's feature-rich platform caters to the needs of modern sales teams, offering:

  • Automated email sequences with advanced personalization options, allowing for messages to be sent to prospects based on their actions and behavior.
  • Capability to automate follow-ups and task reminders, ensuring that no opportunity is missed due to oversight.
  • Integration with popular CRM systems enables a seamless flow of data. This ensures that sales efforts are aligned with broader business strategies.
  • Tools for A/B testing and detailed analytics, providing insights into what strategies work best and allowing teams to refine their outreach efforts for optimal results.
  • Multi-channel outreach support, empowering sales teams to engage with prospects through their preferred channels, be it email, phone, or social media.


Klenty’s cheapest plan starts at $50 per user, per month, and goes up to $100 per user, per month for their Pro plan.

Review Ratings

Klenty is rated 4.6 on G2.


  • While Klenty's focus on sales automation is a significant advantage, businesses looking for a broader suite of features may find it lacking.
  • Klenty's features are comprehensive; some users, especially those not familiar with sales automation tools, may find them overwhelming.

Overloop — An outbound-dedicated tool

Overloop, formerly known as, has rebranded and expanded its platform to become a key player in the sales automation and CRM spaces.  The platform caters to the needs of sales professionals who seek to automate repetitive tasks without losing the personalized touch in outreach efforts.


Overloop offers a suite of powerful features designed to optimize the sales process, including:

  • A comprehensive lead generation tool. You can find and verify email addresses directly within the platform.
  • Automated email outreach campaigns with personalization options and follow-up sequences.
  • A built-in CRM system to manage contacts, deals, and sales pipelines. All sales activities are centralized and easily accessible, isn’t that nice?
  • Detailed analytics and reporting tools. You’ll get insight into campaign performance and help sales teams to refine their strategies for better results.
  • Integrations with many other applications.


Overloop’s cheapest plan starts at $49 per user, per month and goes up to $125 per user, per month for the most expensive plan.

Review Ratings

Overloop is rated 4.3 on G2.


  • While Overloop's broad range of features is a strength, some businesses might find the platform less specialized in certain areas compared to tools dedicated solely to CRM or email marketing.
  • Although Overloop integrates with many popular tools, the depth of these integrations may vary, potentially requiring additional configuration to achieve seamless workflow automation.

Saleshandy — Straightforward sales tool

The core of Saleshandy's success is its straightforward yet powerful approach to email management and analytics. It provides users with the tools needed to send bulk emails with personalized touches, track recipient engagement, and automate follow-ups based on recipient actions.


Saleshandy's feature set is carefully crafted to support efficient email outreach, including:

  • Bulk email sending with mail merge capabilities for personalization.
  • Real-time email tracking with insights into opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Automated follow-up sequences, ensuring timely engagement based on recipient behavior.
  • Email scheduling to send communications at an optimal time.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting tools to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies.
  • Integration with popular email platforms, enhancing the user experience without the need for switching between tools.


Saleshandy starts at $25 per month and goes up to $219 per month.

Review Ratings

Saleshandy is rated 4.6 on G2.


  • Saleshandy excels in email outreach and productivity. However, organizations looking for a broader set of sales automation tools beyond email may find it limited.
  • Some of Saleshandy's more advanced features are reserved for higher-tier plans. This might necessitate a greater investment for users seeking the full range of capabilities.

Lemlist — A blend of creativity and efficiency

Lemlist is an effective tool for email outreach and sales automation space. It has a unique approach to personalized email campaigns. The essence of Lemlist's appeal lies in its ability to blend creativity with efficiency, allowing users to break through the noise of standard email outreach.


Lemlist's standout features include:

  • The ability to embed personalized images and videos within emails. You can make each message feel unique and tailored to the recipient.
  • Dynamic content insertion that adjusts email content based on recipient interactions, ensuring relevance and timeliness.
  • Automated email sequences with conditional follow-up paths, enabling a tailored approach based on recipient behavior.
  • A/B testing capabilities to optimize campaign elements for higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Comprehensive campaign analytics that provide detailed insights into performance metrics like opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Integration with leading CRM systems and sales tools, facilitating a seamless workflow and ensuring data coherence across platforms.


Lemlist starts at $32 per user, per month and goes up to $129 per user, per month

Review Ratings

Lemlist is rated 4.4 on G2.


  • While Lemlist's focus on deep email personalization is its main strength, organizations in need of broader sales or marketing automation functionalities might find it less comprehensive than some alternatives.
  • The innovative features that set Lemlist apart, such as personalized images and videos, may require a learning curve for users to fully master and implement effectively within their campaigns.

Wiza — Laser-focused on LinkedIn

Wiza offers a sleek and efficient solution for extracting and managing LinkedIn leads. What sets Wiza apart is its simplicity and effectiveness in navigating the often complex process of lead generation.


Wiza's key features serve to streamline the lead generation process, including:

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, allowing users to effortlessly convert profiles into a structured list of leads with verified email addresses.
  • Advanced lead filtering and sorting capabilities to ensure users can quickly identify and prioritize high-value prospects.
  • The ability to export leads directly to CRM platforms or as .CSV files, simplifying the process of integrating new contacts into existing sales workflows.
  • Automated email verification to reduce bounce rates and improve the deliverability of outreach campaigns.
  • A user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, enabling teams to start generating leads with Wiza right away.


Wiza starts at $0 and goes up to $166 per user, per month.

Review Ratings

Wiza is rated 4.5 on G2.


  • While Wiza excels in LinkedIn lead generation, companies seeking a broader range of lead sources may find its focus somewhat restrictive.
  • The functionality and effectiveness of Wiza are closely tied to LinkedIn and Sales Navigator features, which may evolve or change, potentially impacting Wiza's capabilities.

Why do you need outreach tools for sales?

Outreach tools for sales are vital. They automate repetitive tasks, letting sales teams focus on important work. They enable personalization at scale and you can ensure each prospect gets a message that feels unique and personalized. This significantly raises engagement rates. These tools also offer advanced tracking and analytics, giving valuable insights on campaign performance. Outreach tools can also help refine strategies for better targeting and higher conversion.

Also, almost all outreach tools integrate with CRM systems. They improve lead management and prioritize follow-ups. This ensures that efforts focus on the best prospects. Enabling multi-channel campaigns and ensuring data protection laws are followed, they boost efficiency and productivity. The platform also helps sales teams scale their efforts and get better results in a competitive market.



Sales outreach teams need the right tools to improve efficiency, personalization, and effectiveness. NetHunt CRM is the best among the many alternatives. NetHunt CRM streamlines business processes. It helps sales teams engage prospects without tab switching. It has a user-friendly interface and customizable system. Competitive pricing and high review ratings make it a top choice for sales specialists looking to improve outreach.

Discover how NetHunt CRM can transform your sales strategy by starting NetHunt CRM’s 14-day free trial.

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