Pandemic has turned the business world upside down, and B2B companies are not the exception here. In the aftermath, we looked a little more closely at businesses using NetHunt CRM, and we found that a greater priority is being placed on increasing customer relations. It’s clear that businesses need to shift their focus towards maintaining loyalty and the retention of existing customers; it’s more difficult and costly to acquire new leads, simply because their purchasing power is so unpredictable. Besides, it’s hard work, maintaining line upon line of customer data in Excel.

While the B2B sales cycle can be as long as several months, if you are not treating your prospects right, they can silently leave you. Customer acquisition has a complex nature and your marketing department may need lots of interactions before the lead is ready to test-drive your product. Finally, aligned work of sales and marketing is essential for B2B in order to achieve true revenue efficiency. They both need a bridge technology to be on the same path.

CRM has gone from nice-to-have, to need-to-have. If you’re still not convinced… well, we’re about to convince you with the facts and use-cases presented in the infographic.

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