What does it take for a sales team to be successful? Sometimes, such vital elements as diligence, precision, and motivation are not enough to hit the target. Nevertheless, it does not mean that letting the grass grow under feet should be your slogan. A proper focus area in combination with ambition is often the true formula of success.

Any entrepreneurship foresees all the elements mentioned above, plus certain techniques to achieve results. Maintaining customer relationship, crafting marketing campaigns, market analysis and other practices contribute to the progress of commercial activity. In the context of the present article, another constituent part of sales process will be reviewed. So, if you happened to run across such a phrase as “sample sales pitch letter”, welcome on board.

1. Sales pitch email definition

Any explanation should begin with a definition. The word “pitch” has several meanings, like a special measurement of seats in air industry, type of covering material for road construction etc. It is more likely that the term got into the commercial industry from baseball. One athlete throws a baseball to another athlete, which attempts to bat it. That component of the famous American game can be a metaphor to sales-and-purchase as well. Clients need products or services while businesses try to meet their needs. Did you get who was a pitcher and a batter?

If you are not familiar with the term sales pitch, perhaps, its alternative name “sales presentation” may be more convenient. Regardless of what you want to call it, the essence remains the same. Any of sales pitch email samples are made to convince the audience to opt for a certain merchandise or service. Probably, a large share of the readers did presentations at least once before. However, the difference between most college presentations and sales pitch lies in the purpose. The former is aimed at delivery of certain information while the latter is used to close a deal.

2. Qualities of a good sales pitch email

If it were simple to make good sales pitch examples, nobody would read similar publications or blog posts. However, to craft a presentation that sells is a real work of art. Sometimes, it is not enough to do a research and provide a solution. In many cases, clients are rather uncertain and it is necessary to persuade or encourage them to perform a definite deed. Provided you have a professional email in place and strive to become a successful sales pitch maker, be sure to have following elements in your presentation email.

1. Amazing Cover

The first impression is half the battle. This old saying reflects the essence of human relationships in which the appearance is significant for success. If the old wisdom is not the argument, look at the statistics. Visual data attracts 40% more people in comparison with plain text. Now, you realize why Instagram has got up so high.

2. VP Formula

VP in email sales pitch samples stands for Value Proposition. Otherwise speaking, you need to summarize facts about the offer and reply to such questions as “What do you have?” and “How can clients benefit from your offer?”. As an example, if you develop software for medical facilities, it would be great to show the cost- and time-effectiveness provided by your products.

3. Story

Though a sales pitch is not fiction, a powerful story is a constituent part of any presentation. People like stories. So, do not be tight-lipped and introduce an interesting working experience story about your team. As a rule, such info is offered in the About Us section.

4. Delightful Solution

There is no need to highlight all obvious and hidden benefits of your product/service. Usually, decent samples of sales pitch email rest upon the formula “problem-solution”. For instance, one prominent online service focused on flaws of hotels for travelers. As an alternative, the booking of accommodation with locals was offered. You might have guessed the name of the service. As you can see, the problem was not invented. Just a viewing angle was changed a bit.

5. Proof

Did you really think that a flow of attractive words and sentences would be enough to win clients? Not a bit of it! Today, everyone should have a proof of own intentions and offers. Consequently, such evidence as expert opinions, testimonials, comparisons with rivals and other types of proof will be appropriate.

6. Call-To-Action

The end of your pitch for sale must be distinct and understood. It seems to be rather odd to go on and on about benefits of a certain business without a particular aim. Having promoted all benefits of your product/service, make sure to urge your client to complete a certain action, like start a free trial, purchase, and so on.

3. Samples of a Sales pitch email

Obviously, you will hardly find a company willing to share its winning samples of email sales pitch with anyone.  Putting aside strict rules and requirements for visual outlook and other decorative features, you can discover the following texts:

Sample One

Hi Janine,
I attempted to get in touch with you several times to discuss Neware and why I think our Sales Enablement Toolkit could be a match for your business. I understand that the number of your daily emails amounts to about one hundred, so I’m not going to fill up your inbox.

Still, I’d like to call in a marker. I’m looking to speak to a sales operations executive or a person responsible for improving the utilization of a CRM tool and maximizing trade productivity at the FourFourThree Inc. and was hoping you would be able to refer me to them? Would you mind to find some time for me and my endeavors while this product might be a fit for your company?

Marty May
Sales Representative, Neware

Sample Two

Hello Albert,
I’ll get straight to the point. Our company, Junion Leather has just created a popular Facebook group offer. We’ve already had over 500 entrants and that is not the limit. Not only are we offering great discounts, but we are supporting our local community by donating to the local food bank.

I’d love to give you advanced access to our press release. We’ll be channeling this out on Friday. Attached is an exclusive pre-release copy.

Mary Juniper
Sales Manager
Junion Leather

Sample Three

Dear Marketing Department,
I’m the owner of the domain name best-for-schools.uk. The domain is a perfect marketing tool for you to capture additional traffic, reduce advertising costs, and help brand your website.

If you’re interested in acquiring best-for-schools.uk, please let know as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Charles Nemoi

Sample Four

Hi Julie,
I loved your post on organic pet products. I’ve started buying organic puppy chow and my Pudel loves it!

I was wondering if you’ve ever looked at organic pharmaceuticals for dogs? We have a line of natural meds, including heartworm and flea meds.
Would you be interested in a free sample?

Mark Bronson
Sales Manager

Sample Five

Hey Rebecca,
Just emailing you today to see if you’d be interested in checking out our new product. I saw that you feature a lot of content about coffee, and I think you and your readers would love ours.

We roast flavored coffee with crazy flavors like Smoked Sour Cream, and Chocolate Cashew – people love it.
Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more about it. I’d be more than happy to send a sample for your as well.

Talk to you soon.
Sam Smith

These small examples do not contain all essential features of a conventional sales presentation, but reveal its essence.

4. Tips for creating the best Sales pitch email

If you still hesitate over what samples email sales pitch to choose for the business, try another approach. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can follow certain prompts to lift your commercial activity to the higher level.

1. Subject

Electronic mail is a fast and feasible way of interaction that offers a plenty of benefits. Still, some of its essential parts are usually neglected. For instance, the email subject is often considered to be the secondary element. At the same time, choosing the perfect email title is undisputed. It can be compared with a hook to catch a lead’s attention.

You can follow the “Three S Rule” namely simplicity, shortness and strength. Such attributes of email title will increase the open rate of the electronic letter.

2. Problem – Solution

It was already mentioned, but you can never be too thorough. If you’ve managed to convince leads to read your pitch, provide them with a problem to solve. For instance, the necessity of a pen is highly acute when a person needs to write or sign something. Otherwise speaking, a product/service is the best solution for resolving an issue, which should be described in the pitch.

3. Facts

A game of figures is quite popular among the population. People would like to know rates and percentages of different activities as well as facts that may seem irrelevant at first glance. Still, figures are not the only argument to persuade leads to buy something. Such impactful tools as feedbacks, studies, reviews, awards, and other acknowledgments increase the reputation of your product/service.

4. Purchase

The content of the sales pitch should have a sole purpose namely to induce leads to purchase. Certainly, you should pack your presentation with various data by means of the above-mentioned tips. Still, all that is required to close a sale. On this account, say it directly to a lead.

5. Shortness

The value of the presentation length is relevant. Making a long-read pitch can be a failure since the potential client may lose interest. The too short email is also hardly a fit. There is no exact value of words or characters to include in the text but you should put yourself into the lead’s shoes..

6. Grammar

Having written the final sentence of the presentation does not indicate readiness to click the Send button. As soon as you finished crafting, the spell check is highly recommended. Numerous mistakes or mistypes made in haste will harm the quality of the presentation. So, do not spare a couple of minutes to reread the text and identify possible defects.

7. Follow-up

An unanswered email is not the reason to stop the communication with potential clients. There is a plenty of reasons to explain why your sales presentation was not opened. Even if the lead was unwilling to open your electronic letter at a certain moment in the past, there is a probability that he or she would change their mind and you would succeed. Therefore, keep trying and do not lose heart.

5. Conclusion

Now, you are armed with the knowledge of crafting samples sales pitch email. So, it is recommended to pay a serious attention to that type of activities for the business since it might be your winning ticket.


Olga is with Digital Marketing team at NetHunt CRM. She is passionate about building brand as a value and being part of great teams that make the difference. Inspired by the companies that have strong and ethical values, clear vision, and high quality as a standard.

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