Gmail is one of the world’s most popular web-based email services used for both personal purposes and business. In the latter case, Gmail acts as corporate mail service and therefore contains numerous contacts and correspondence with customers and partners.

At the same time, all this information is fundamental to the work of CRM systems. In order to make the use of customer data as convenient as possible, companies are increasingly choosing the systems with Gmail integration. In this case, they save a lot of time without spending the attention and energy of sales managers on constantly switching between windows and copying information. Below, we will talk in more detail about the reasons for choosing a CRM with the Gmail CRM integration feature.

What is CRM for Gmail

CRM for Gmail is a system that is automatically synchronized with your Gmail account after installation. This means that you do not need to drag the information about your customers and their orders from the window of one application to another. All the data will be automatically copied to the CRM after getting to your email.

From a business point of view, this approach to implementing CRM is extremely successful. First, you will reduce the risk of human error, and second, let your employees focus their attention on sales, rather than on the routine work of filling the database. And you, as a manager, can get a holistic view of the business processes taking place in your company. Now it will be quite difficult to hide the unprocessed requests from customers who sent an email to your employees weeks ago.

Reasons and Benefits of Integrating Your CRM with Gmail

These are just some of the benefits of integrating Gmail into a CRM:

  • Quick and efficient management of emails from customers and partners. You can manage your conversations directly from CRM, with the possibility of engaging the tools native to this CRM.
  • Increase in productivity and effectiveness of sales managers. The CRM is updated automatically, in real time, along with Gmail, so your employees will no longer waste their working time on doing monotonous work.
  • Reducing the risk of errors. All correspondence with customers automatically goes to the CRM, so it becomes almost impossible to miss something.
  • Optimal conditions for data exchange using two advanced tools. Using your CRM and Gmail, you can easily exchange reports, snippets from correspondence, contact details, and other useful information.

Since well-known business software providers, as a rule, integrate their CRM systems not only with email services, but also with a number of other web tools and applications, the range of opportunities is obviously very wide.

What Can Users Do Using the Gmail Option Within the CRM?

So, what can users do thanks to the integration of Gmail into CRM?

First of all, they can exchange emails with the company’s customers through an account in the CRM using the old Gmail address. This allows them to trace all stages of interaction with customers, evaluate the effectiveness of the interaction and, finally, track every important message.

The second benefit of a CRM that integrates with Gmail is the possibility of creating data structures that would include not only the correspondence itself, but all the data on a particular user, as well as the upcoming tasks for the manager (of course, related to this particular correspondence).

And finally, what you, as a salesperson, will definitely like in a CRM integrated with Gmail is the advanced possibilities for selling goods or services. Now, thanks to the fact that all the data on every stage of the sales funnel is stored in one place, you will be able to easily develop more strategies for attracting new leads.

Which Type of Companies Benefits from Integrating Their CRM with Gmail?

All companies that use Gmail (by the way, as many as half a billion people around the world are Gmail account holders) and are planning to implement CRM in their workflow will benefit from their mutual integration. Their employees do not have to constantly switch between multiple windows and transfer data from one application to another. Basically, using Gmail as CRM is a transition to a new level of workflow automation, which will allow you and your sales managers to get the most out of the working time.

Therefore, our answer to the question “Which companies will benefit from the integration of CRM with Gmail?” is unequivocal: “Everyone who uses Gmail in their work”.

The Features You Get

If you extrapolate the above to NetHunt, the best CRM to use with Gmail, it’s worth adding that due to its customization features, you can adjust this application to fit any needs and habits of your sales staff.

In particular, with its help, you will be able to implement the mass mailing option by developing a message template and choosing the receivers directly from your database. Also, NetHunt will help you track the reaction of those who received your letter: whether it was read, what percentage of users followed the link in the letter, etc. This data is, in fact, extremely useful to the marketing department, so this feature certainly will not be superfluous in your CRM functionality.

How to Integrate NetHunt CRM with Gmail

NetHunt CRM literally lives in Gmail, which enables end-to-end synchronization of all contacts, conversations, user data, and other information that can be used in sales.

As for how to integrate Gmail with NetHunt CRM, in this case, you don’t even need to do anything. Just install the application and voila, all the data from your Gmail account will be automatically transferred to the application.

Note: to integrate other applications (for example, social networks), you need Zapier – a web service for integrating applications and/or web services from different software vendors.

Gmail CRM Integration: Conclusion

Let’s summarize our review on Gmail integration with CRM. As you already understand, this feature is not just preferred: it is required for all the companies that use Gmail to work with clients. If you want to find a multifunctional, inexpensive, and very convenient CRM that works with Gmail, visit our website. Here you can learn more about NetHunt CRM, which has been successfully implemented by more than a thousand companies around the world.

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