We're all aware that Gmail is one of the world's most popular web-based email services, used for both personal and business purposes. In the business world, we use Gmail to communicate with partners, customers, and potential clients, and we store a lot of information on each of them.

However, it’s proven to be quite impractical to check all the details while scrolling through a long inbox, trying to find emails which might have gone unnoticed, keeping tabs on your contacts, etc. CRM is used in business to store all communication and organise contacts.

It is even more efficient to have a CRM that is integrated with Gmail.

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a knight in shining armour that will help you battle against your mundane admin tasks; managing contacts and customer base, tracking sales progress, keeping track of your ROI, and many more.

What happens when you integrate CRM with Gmail?

It makes a perfect concoction that will free up your time to go about more time-sensitive business matters, making your work day much more efficient. In addition, integrating your CRM with Gmail means that sales reps and managers won't have to waste time and energy going back and forth between windows to copy and paste data (which can be super tedious, we know). So without further ado, let’s go into greater detail about the benefits of using a CRM with Gmail.

What exactly is CRM for Gmail

CRM for Gmail is a system that, once installed, automatically syncs with your Gmail account. This means you won't have to drag information about your customers and their deals from one browser tab to another. Integrating CRM with Gmail means that you can rest assure that your sales staff won’t have to waste most of their time rummaging through emails, using 3rd party tools to filter out ones that require immediate attention and ones that don’t.

Instead, after receiving emails from your clients, all the available data, like first name, last name, email, etc., will be automatically added to the CRM records. So you won’t have to tire out your mouse from doing unnecessary movement! Everything is in one place! Which already makes your life that much easier!

From a business standpoint, integrating CRM with Gmail can prove to be very successful. Firstly, you will reduce the risk of human error while copying and pasting the info; secondly, you will allow your employees to focus on sales rather than the routine work of filling the database, matching the data from multiple tools, building reports, etc. And as a manager, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the activity taking place in your team.

There are always a few ‘the one that got away’ emails left unnoticed by accident; integrating will make it much more challenging to conceal unprocessed requests from customers who sent an email to your sales rep weeks ago.

👉Read more about what a CRM system is.

Benefits of CRM integrated with Gmail

Honestly, the benefits are endless (not literally), but there are a lot, so let’s go over them:

Quick and efficient management of emails from customers and partners. You can manage your conversations directly from the CRM and always have the entire history of communication in front of your eyes. When navigating to your Inbox, the customer record is also there. Once an email is received, you already are up-to-date and know everything about the client.

To manage all processes, the sales team can work in a single ecosystem (Google Workspace). Often if your CRM system is integrated with Gmail, then it is also synced with other Google services such as Calendars or Google Drive. This means that managers can integrate those google services with the CRM and work in Google Workspace, thus with any tools they use, all data about the clients will synchronise. E.g. When a sales manager creates an event in Google Calendar, they can attach the customer card to this particular event, and they fully see the details about this client.

Improved lead visibility and accountability. When you receive an email, you can see the snippet from a CRM system related to the customer and respond accordingly - if it's a high-priority lead or a new sales opportunity). For example, in NetHunt CRM, when you receive an email from a client, and this client is in your CRM system, you will see a coloured label (snippet) in front of their name. It can state that this client is a priority lead or the company they work for. Getting this kind of information straight away is very useful and allows you to act accordingly.

Increased sales manager productivity and effectiveness. When your CRM is integrated with Gmail, all the information is updated automatically and in real-time this means that managers are able to take necessary action in time.

Reducing the risk of errors. All customer correspondence automatically goes to the CRM, so it becomes almost impossible to miss something.

Optimal conditions for data exchange using two advanced tools. Using your CRM and Gmail, you can easily exchange reports, snippets from correspondence, contact details, and other helpful information, making imported data very precise. This increases the data accuracy and reliability because it is added to the CRM and updated automatically.

Short learning curve. CRM integrated with Gmail does not require hours of training sessions because it feels like a well-known email service provider.

Tracking your ROI has never been easier. Sending marketing campaigns to old and new leads becomes more exciting when you can see a return on investment. In addition, it allows you to track what works and what doesn't to make better financial decisions in the future.

Since well-known business software providers typically integrate their CRM systems with email services and a variety of other web tools and applications, the possibilities are innumerable.

Which businesses benefit from CRM integration with Gmail?

All businesses that use Gmail (over half a billion people worldwide have a Gmail account) and plan to implement CRM in their workflow will benefit from their mutual integration. Using Gmail CRM is essentially a transition to a new level of data organisation and  workflow automation that will allow you and your sales managers to make the most of your working time.

Therefore, our answer to the question “Which businesses will benefit from the integration of CRM with Gmail?” is unequivocal: “Everyone who uses Gmail in their work” - we don’t discriminate!

If you are not ready to use a CRM system at the moment, we also gathered some tips on how to use Gmail as a CRM.

Integration of NetHunt CRM with Gmail

The aforementioned ‘knight in shining armour’ that's us - NetHunt CRM, a system that resides inside Gmail, basically merging them into one very functional set-up. We want to dive into a little more detail about what NetHunt is capable of.

Tight integration with other Google Workspace apps - Google Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Data Studio - the CRM is placed inside the apps that you work giving you all the client-related information when you need it.

  • Sync Google Calendar with CRM to make sure that you get all the necessary information about a client before you have a meeting with them!
  • With Google Contacts Sync, all the data about your potential leads automatically gets to the CRM records.
  • Files from Google Drive are also associated with the relevant customers.

Organise and structure your customer base most efficiently:

  • NetHunt's duplicate prevention feature ensures that your customer base is always clean.
  • The required fields feature keeps an eye on your data to ensure you have a full set of data about every client or deal.
  • Your customer database is securely stored in one location, safe from leaks or prying eyes, thanks to proper access management.

Turn contacts into leads and push them down the beautiful, functional pipeline:

  • Add new deals, their value, closing probability, and expected close date.
  • Follow the progression of deals through the pipeline stages.
  • Create a pipeline or multiple pipelines for your products and services.
  • Adapt the stages to your sales cycle.

Send email campaigns to engage and convert more leads into paying customers

  • Send email campaigns to segments or the entire customer base, so that all the necessary messages and emails reach the intended clients.
  • Set up follow-up email campaigns for previous email campaigns to increase the chances of getting noticed.
  • Analyse campaign performance with the metrics such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and replies to improve further campaigns.

Monitor team performance through in-built Tasks

  • Create tasks, see daily agenda, and monitor the workload of the team directly from your Gmail.
  • Link Tasks with the customer records to avoid the back and forth questions regarding the task

Automate the part of your sales processes to free up time for strategic activities or just have an extra minute of rest.

  • Capture web form leads right away and transfer them into your CRM. When a client fills out a form on your website, it will automatically show up in your Gmail CRM as a potential lead.
  • Set up drip campaigns to nurture leads. Workflows by NetHunt allows you to create automatic email sequences to engage prospects, leads, and customers.
  • Link email conversations to client profiles automatically. NetHunt CRM automatically logs email interactions with customers and leads whenever you interact with them.
  • Based on the lead's response, have an algorithm move the lead to the next stage. For example, when a lead responds to an email from your sequence, NetHunt CRM automatically changes the lead's Stage from 'New' to 'Negotiating.'
  • Set up alerts to stay informed when something important happens; when a specified criteria is met, our users can automate notifications to be sent immediately or at a later time.
  • Manage your sales workflow with automated Tasks. There are specific tasks that a sales team must complete at each stage of the pipeline, like preparing a presentation, discovery call preparation, etc. With NetHunt, you can configure automated creation and assignment of these tasks, so that nothing was forgotten by the sales team.

Don’t hear it from us; hear it from our customers!

"NetHunt CRM is the best CRM I've used and enables our team to handle all CRM tasks with Gmail" - Allan F, Sale Manager / Director.

To summarise

As you may have guessed, native CRM integration is preferred and required for all businesses that use Gmail to communicate with customers. Visit our website if you're looking for a multifunctional, cost-effective, and highly convenient CRM that works with Gmail. Also, learn more about NetHunt CRM, which has been successfully implemented by over a thousand businesses worldwide. We hope to see you among our happy users!

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