The world sees new brands appear every day, which only makes it more difficult for striving commercial players to successfully sell their stuff. To help you out and direct your business in the most profitable way, we compiled this list of the most popular, yet accessible trends impacting the sales profession right now. Some of them have been basking in wide popularity since 2018, while others have only shown the efficiency in the niche recently.

Without further ado, here are the top twenty trends in the sales industry to get your sales and income rates up to a new level in 2019.

Use CRM as a true enablement tool

The implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) stays among the biggest trends right now in any digitalized business niche. This tendency is so significant it gradually turns into a ‘must’. Such systems help to automate stages of interaction between clients and a company – from the initial call-up to the product shipment. CRM is a type of software solution that stores all the data on clients, their orders, and each sales funnel stage in one centralized database.

By integrating such a system, you may increase the number of clients that can be serviced simultaneously without the need to expand the staff of sales managers, as well as boost the quality of service in general. All you have to do is add a bit of personalization and exclude the risks of workflow errors.

Be closer with marketing

One of the main issues business owners with a solid experience face is the conservatism and tunnel thinking when it comes to the promotion of their goods or services. Such tendencies don’t go well with the demands of modern consumers, whose wishlists are replenished with more and more innovative, peculiar products.

In order for a brand to keep up with the demand, you must stay up to date, pay attention to all the B2C and B2B sales trends and never neglect a qualified help of expert marketers (you may go for outsourcing if you need to save as much as possible). Keeping a steady hand on all the promotion aspects, you will definitely be able to stay afloat on the market and even go for the leading positions on the arena.

Embed sales automation

Sales automation doesn’t only mean the integration of CRM. Everything related to the sales process optimization with the software and/or hardware means falls under this category. In particular, world-renowned Amazon has been using drones for the goods delivery and other specialized solutions based on the IoT to properly adjust the transportation conditions.

You can also try to realize something similar or at least go for the special software that would help you optimize business sales chains at the command of your in-house logistics specialists.

Focus on selling to Millennials

Millennials – people that were born after 1995 – are the representatives of a ‘new and advanced’ generation that is, mostly, literally obsessed with new trends in IT. You can and should use this knowledge when developing a unique marketing strategy.

Perhaps, you can expand your selection of goods with hi-tech innovations. Or present the existing items in an updated, trendy format (like IKEA did some time ago by launching a separate dedicated augmented reality app).

Find the growth in micromarkets

Micromarkets are a type of retail arenas that are based on self-service. These include vending machines or manual service touchpad panels in stores and fast food restaurants.

This is the most comfortable way to make purchases for the majority of people out there. It is care-free and available at any time. Micromarkets help to eliminate resellers, too, which makes the realization of items cheaper and easier overall.

Try to understand social selling

Social selling is a new approach to sales processes that allows staying in tune with clients over extended periods. For instance, this can be a set of marketing techniques that don’t target nonrecurring purchases motivated by the demand creating efforts (e.g., calls to action like ‘click here’ and ‘buy now’). In the essence of this solution, lies a long-term plan that focuses the establishment of reliable connections. With such an approach, the relationships between you and your loyal clients can go beyond the mere ‘buy-sell’ routine. They are built upon the principles of trust and understanding.

Social selling can be mainly covered by SMM – Social Media Marketing – brand promotion through social media channels. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t neglect opportunities. Use other points of contact with your TA as well; for instance, you can distribute some free samples, organize polling, etc.

Use a strategic approach to sales enablement

Try to work out a certain sales-attracting plan. It can some common marketing strategy customized according to the specialty of your business or something more individual, developed strictly for your niche.

Any strategy would consist of several stages that cover a certain time period. Remember that the results cannot be immediate. With a substantial approach to doing things, you minimize the risks of financial losses and improper product/service positioning in the eyes of your TA.

Use machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

In addition, we’d like to point out the importance of collecting and evaluating analytical data. Considering how utterly simple this procedure has become in our times (due to AI- and ML-based solutions), it would be only reasonable to use it for the development of a highly-efficient marketing strategy.

On top of everything, forecasts formed with the help of an AI-powered software already boast enhanced precision, which may protect you from the risks of coming out of demand on the market. If you’re ready to learn more about using AI in business, Rolustech boasts significant experience with with intuitive systems and AI driven products. The team of AI experts at Rolustech can help you transform business in a way to gain competitive edge in the market by ensuring that your system is technologically advanced, superior, and scalable.

Try to implement omnichannel sales

People use many various channels to purchase goods and order services nowadays: Online stores, marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, social media like Facebook and Instagram, as well as offline sales outlets. A buyer isn’t attached anymore to only one or several channels. You can choose whichever way to shop you want.

What does this mean to you as a vendor? It means that you should offer your goods through as many channels as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing a good chunk of buyers. Several sales channels interconnected between each other allow a customer to make an order and receive the purchase in the way they find the most convenient. A vendor, in turn, can monitor the centralized statistics and manage all the channels simultaneously in one place. This is what the omnichannel sales mean.

Build customer experience and personalization

Deep personalization and impeccable user experience – these are the key aspects of one’s digital business to lead any player to the top. Even with somewhat higher prices and heavy competitiveness in the niche.

A vivid example of success reached by using these essential sales industry trends is of the Invicta website. Their watches are much more expensive than the ones on Amazon, for example (you can compare prices for the same model on both the official website and the marketplace yourself). Impeccable visual design and personal approach to each client, however, make the vast majority of the brand’s fans buy watches at a higher price from the official representative.

Make effective sales conversations

Despite the fact that the total demand for the sales manager position gradually becomes obsolete (due to online and self-servicing shopping opportunities), live client conversations will still remain a huge, necessary part of any retail business, keeping up with all the major B2C sales trends.

Particularly, defining the demands, pain points, and ultimate goals of your clients; allowing them to speak their mind, and taking the position of an active listener, you can also vividly describe how exactly your product or service can change their business. What advantages they get and how their life will improve in the long run. The real physical excitement caused by real words is a very powerful way to get that deal.

Remember that buyers have more power than sellers

The current market is literally overloaded with goods and services of all shapes and sizes. This means that you need to thoroughly build professional relationships with each of your clients and put a good deal of effort into attracting leads.

In terms of the relationship establishment, personalization and fast high-quality service can serve as your main techniques. As for lead attraction, look for and cooperate with opinion leaders and create contextual advertising.

Build quality relationships and trust with the client

Good relationships with clients equal your service reliability in their eyes. The main trick here is to convince them initially that your product or service is among the best ones on the market and it definitely deserves their attention.

Once they realize your actual status on the arena or the factual advantage of your offer, they are likely to start sharing their major pain points which they would like to eliminate. This is the beginning of real quality relationships.

Create a mobile-friendly website, use mobile apps

The mobile is yet another major aspect of the hottest sales trends of 2019. People simply become busier and unable to spend hours using a PC for a quick search or a particular purchase.

Letting people reach your retail solution through their mobile devices, you provide a 100% all-around access for your TA and every other user.

Share your achievements

Let your target audience know about your successes. About you selling a batch of goods that could be sold over the month at once, about the fact that Mr. N prefers your products, or about you expanding the staff of employees due to the growth of sales.

In such a way, your potential clients can also see how successful and striving you are, which will help you ultimately increase the product or service demand.

Be closer to customers

Being closer to your customers today means being interested in their problems and issues, goals and desires.

You can create brief polling, for example, where your potential customers can share their preferences as to your products. This is a simple, yet efficient approach to establishing trustful relationships, therefore, increasing sales.

Hire knowledgeable and skilled sales representatives

Never neglect the level of qualification of employees representing your brand. Sometimes, inexperienced staff may spoil your business reputation, which might be pretty difficult to restore later on. Be thorough with your sales manager recruitment or, what’s better, let dedicated experts handle that.

Create real-time sales teams

The faster you sell, the faster your business and income will grow. Special real-time sales teams can be created to implement such rapid sales. This is one of the online sales trends which implies that sellers work via interactive forms on online shop pages.

‘If you have any questions as to this or that product, contact us right now so that our software advisor can explain everything to you’ – provide your customers with an ability to contact your sales expert at once, via such a form.

Make sales playbooks

One of the most vivid trends in sales in 2019 is the creation of a sales playbook. It is an in-house document where all the crucial sales moments are indicated: customer segment portrait, acceptable behavior scenarios and requirements for sales managers, FAQ templates, and the similar data. Such information allows defining a strategically proper sequence of actions based on the intuitive behavior and experience of managers.

As a result of implementing playbooks, you can minimize the risks of any unpredictable behavior that can put off potential clients.

Automated sales prospecting emerges

The finishing number of our top latest trends in sales is the automated sales processing and optimization. Many software vendors are launching CRM solutions that automatically collect data from external sources (e.g., social networks) and offer new potential clients based on particular characteristics.

Such a CRM system may boost the performance of your sales experts dramatically.

Summarizing our review of the main sales technology trends and business leading tendencies, we cannot say that every point we highlighted is fresh. With some moments traveling to this top from the last years’ one, we still recommend going for these sales enablement trends. The efficient adoption of some will help you ultimately stand out among the competitors on the market.

If you wish to get a multipurpose tool for the solid implementation of all the above-mentioned trends, you can use our own NetHunt CRM – an advanced automation tool successfully integrated with business processes of hundreds of companies all over the globe.

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