When the new email notification chimed for the first time back in 1971, it was by far the most exciting thing to happen in a young decade.

Fast forward 50 years, and you won’t excite anyone with an incoming email. In fact, there’s a chance you’ll annoy people with yet another message in their inbox.

Unless you’re actually waiting for that email to come through... That’s a different story.

For this article, we’ve collected a list of the best sales and marketing newsletters that won’t clog your inbox, but will actually bring you and your business value.

The CRM Lab


The one and only CRM Lab from NetHunt CRM!

NetHunt is a CRM software provider. As a CRM vendor, NetHunt focuses on delivering a sales and automation tool that lives inside Gmail.

Today, NetHunt CRM blends entirely with Gmail, placing a fully-featured CRM right next to your emails, Google Workspace apps, LinkedIn, Intercom, and more! NetHunt helps businesses store and manage customer data, nurture client relationships, automate sales workflows, track deal progress, and move sales down the funnel faster.

As a company, we don’t stop at making your business lives easier through customer relationship management software. We’re CRM and sales experts, and we want to share our knowledge, expertise, and findings with the world.

Phew! If you ever wrote a college application essay, you can imagine how big of a struggle this little paragraph was. It’s a tough task to talk about yourself. At NetHunt, we prefer to talk more about our customers. Find out for yourself - book a demo with our lovely Customer Success Team and learn how your business can benefit from using NetHunt CRM.

Book a demo with our Customer Success team!


Ever since we've merged our blog newsletter and sales newsletter, NetHunt's CRM Lab newsletter is a BYGOF deal. By subscribing to the newsletter, you essentially get not one but two sets of valuable content in a single biweekly email.

The CRM Lab is our dear baby. Twice a week, I (Valerie) hand-pick a list of the hottest articles our content marketing team has written, mixing them up with slices of actionable CRM strategies, sales tips, and business insights. Every two weeks, I reach out to experts on our team and outside of NetHunt to share their experience and hot sales tricks. Our marvellous design team design the outlay of the email to add some flair to it. Teamwork really makes the dream work.

The CRM Lab contains everything you need to know about CRM, sales, and marketing in one newsletter…

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales management
  • CRM basics
  • Data and reporting
  • All things email marketing
  • Interviews with CRM practitioners
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Remarkable industry research and noteworthy stats

To celebrate our subscribers'  loyalty and devotion to learning more about the world of CRM and sales, we also share exclusive content that doesn't exist anywhere else on the internet with them. E-books, guides, and tools, templates, and link-access only videos — trust us, we're very generous with our materials!


To subscribe to The CRM Lab, simply fill out this form👇

SalesFolk Newsletter


Salesfolk is a company that specialises in sales outreach, and cold emailing. The main product that Salesfolk offers is sales copywriting services.

Since its launch in 2018, when founder Heather Morgan started helping businesses with their outbound lead generation and communication with customers, Salesfolk has amassed an impressive circle of clients and subscribers.

Lyft, kissmetrics, SugarCRM, Verifi. Vidcaster and others have all trusted Salesfolk to handle email communications for them. Now, Salesfolk has expanded its operations to launch a newsletter.


If we could describe SalesFolk’s content in just one word, it would definitely be “cold emails”. Whoops, that’s actually two words, but you get the gist. The SalesFolk blog and their newsletter is the promised land for every sales rep out desperate to master the art of cold outreach.

Once subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll regularly receive lots of cold email tips in your inbox…

  • The dos and don’ts of cold emailing
  • Cold email templates
  • Tips for writing enticing subject lines
The SalesFolk Newsletter
The SalesFolk Newsletter


  • Head to the SalesFolk blog and leave your email address in the newsletter signup box to the left of the page.

Gong Newsletter


Gong is a well-known name in B2B sales and marketing. The unique-selling point of this company is the patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ that captures and understands every customer interaction. Gong then delivers insights, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions.

Since Gong was founded in 2015, it has helped hundreds of businesses to improve their customer experience, increase average deal size, and generate revenue. Some of the most prominent clients that trust Gong with their customer experience include Paychex, PayPal, Hubspot, LinkedIn, MuleSoft, Shopify, Slack, SproutSocial, Twilio, and Zillow.

Big boy alert!

Alas, I’m not name-dropping. Trust from such business giants is a clear sign Gong does something right. They’ve got industry authority to say what they think in a newsletter.


The Gong newsletter isn’t exactly eloquent. But that’s how we like it anyways, don’t we? It’s rare that a salesperson would have spare five extra minutes to spend on reading a newsletter. The fact that Gong’s is so concise and straight to the point is an advantage.

In the newsletter, Gong (Gong’s Head of Content, Devin Reed, to be more specific) shares results of their research, insights, data, stats and other sales-related figures - all in the form of an engaging intro and a link to a LinkedIn article. No fluff, pure action.

Gong's newsletter
Gong's newsletter

The thing is the Gong newsletter doesn’t have a set schedule. Sending times are random and you never know when the next issue will land into your inbox. My opinion? The content is worth it, so whatever.


  • Go to the Gong blog, find the newsletter signup form on the right-side of the page and subscribe

Content Marketing Reeder by Devin Reed


Now that I’ve mentioned Gong and their newsletter, it would only be fair to move onto a person closely related to Gong.

Devin Reed is Gong’s Head of Content and a salesperson who made the leap to marketing after spending six years in sales. Devin joined Gong in 2017 as the second AE where he closed over $1M+ ARR and helped build the mid-market playbook. Two years later, he moved his desk across the office and became Gong’s sixth marketer.

Reed is the Hannah Montana of the business world; he got the best of both worlds. He’s got a lot of tea to spill and equally as much knowledge to share.

That’s partially the reason why he started his side-hustle. The Reeder is a content marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes reach strategic goals by creating world-class content.

It provides a lot of services: content strategy, LinkedIn content creation, visual presentations, content marketing, consultancy, you name it. But only one of them is free - the Content Marketing Reeder newsletter!


Content Marketing Reeder is a weekly newsletter sent every Saturday. Subscribers receive two things in their inboxes: strategies that are easy to understand and tactics that are simple to follow.

Each email is focused on one specific point, but there isn’t a single topic that unites all the emails other than content marketing. Devin taps into various events, ideas, concepts and activities and offers the readers his own take on how they should be done. Afterwards, readers can understand…

  • How to create a cohesive, intentional, and effective content strategy
  • How to produce memorable and actionable content
  • How to build their brand and dominate on LinkedIn using a step-by-step guide

There’s an archive with all the previous issues of the newsletter. You can look around and get a taste of what you can expect when you become a subscriber…

Content Marketing Reeder by Devin Reed
Content Marketing Reeder by Devin Reed


  • To subscribe, head over to the Reeder newsletter landing page and leave your contact information

The Word Man by Dave Harland


Since we’ve already tapped into the waters of content marketing and copywriting in particular, it would be a crime not to give Dave Harland and his The Word Man newsletter an honourable mention in this article. Unlike many others on this list, this newsletter isn’t a corporate product but rather the digital baby of a single person.

But why would you want to subscribe to his newsletter?

“The Word Man is Dave Harland - the anti-bullshit copywriter with massive fingers. A freelance copywriter, business copywriter and agency copywriter all rolled into one.”

Source: Dave Harland's website

He’s the jedi of email subject lines, an email copywriting guru, and a pretty decent blog writer all rolled into one. Harland boasts a very impressive list of clients. Sainsbury’s, Jaguar Land Rover, ebay, BBC, National Express, Red Bull, and Nespresso have all used Dave’s words.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to write a copy that sells, get rid of tacky, overused puns in subject lines, and just have a fun read in your inbox, The Word Man is the newsletter for you.


The Word Man is not your average business newsletter. It’s quirky. It’s raw. It’s funny. It’s entertaining. Most importantly, it’s useful. No fluff, just real-life examples and actionable copywriting tips to take sales and marketing copywriting to the next level.

There isn’t a set rotation of topics that Dave Harland covers in his emails, and that’s exactly why each one of them gives exactly what it’s supposed to. Every issue of The Word Man newsletter hits home because Dave mixes things up and talks about the things that are on trend at that particular moment.

Every Friday, The Word Man subscribers receive an email with an unconventional subject line that you can’t help but click to find out what the heck he means by it. The newsletter subscription form promises all subscribers “mind-blowingly simple marketing tips, devilishly persuasive copywriting techniques, and downright ridiculous stories” but there’s more to it than that.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside of the newsletter. Not gonna lie, this one was difficult to put together because Mr Harland has range…

  • Top-tier stories from Dave Harland’s personal life, which are surprisingly interesting to read, considering I don’t know the man personally
  • A straight-to-the-point, actionable piece of commercial copywriting advice
  • A weekly digest of the best content on Dave’s socials
  • Reviews, rewrites, and other instances of a copywriter in action
The Word by Dave Harland
The Word by Dave Harland

Sales Hacker Newsletter


Sales Hacker is an online community of B2B sales professionals that are interested in continuous learning and enhancement of their sales skills.

Sales Hacker is known for its outstanding, cutting-edge blog that is regularly updated with relevant B2B sales articles. Other media includes the Sales Hacker podcast, numerous professional webinars and videos, and Demo-litions, a show where two sales nerds critique real sales demos.

The reason Sales Hacker was started back in 2013 is because the management believed there’s no degree, diploma, or qualification you can earn to become a top one-percenter in sales. Books and training, in their opinion, aren’t a good solution; they’re often outdated before they go live.

Sales Hacker insists that it takes a community to succeed in sales:

“It takes mentors, sponsors, and people who are willing to pay it forward. It takes us all, working together, helping one another.”

These values are reflected in the Sales Hacker newsletter.


The Sales Hacker newsletter is a hefty boy.

Just by looking at it - without actively reading it - you can tell that it’s jam packed with useful information. Don’t make the mistake of not reading it; you’d miss out on a load of exclusive sales hacks, revenue strategies and outreach techniques that work.

The Sales Hacker newsletter is weekly, meaning every Tuesday starting from the day you subscribe, you’ll receive an email that covers one - or more - of the following topics...

  • Lead generation
  • Revenue operations
  • Sales development
  • Sales enablement
  • Training and coaching
  • Sales management
  • Diversity and inclusion

Here’s the range of content you can expect in your inbox when you subscribe to the Sales Hacker newsletter.

  • Effective outreach techniques and links to the most interesting articles
  • Answers to the trending members’ questions in the community
  • Invitations to upcoming events and webinars
  • The 1 Email 2 Takes show videos where Kristina Finseth and Will Allred rewrite real sales emails so that you can learn from common mistakes and what to do differently
1 Email. 2 Takes by Sales Hacker
1 Email. 2 Takes by Sales Hacker


  • To subscribe for the Sales Hacker newsletter, go to the Sales Hacker website and wait for a popup signup banner to appear.

Dave Gerhardt’s Newsletter


Dave Gerhardt is the ex-Chief Brand Officer of Drift and the founder of Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group (DGMG).

Dave is one of the top marketing minds in the USA and one of the most well-known influencers in global B2B marketing - all for good reason. Since the dawn of his marketing career, he’s helped hundreds of businesses with their brand building and marketing strategy.

During his time as a marketing executive at Drift, Gerhardt helped the company achieve a $1bn+ valuation. He also worked as a Chief Marketing Officer at Privy, became a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, gathered a 4000+ member community, and founded his own marketing consulting firm, DGMG. With DGMG, Dave Gerhardt has traveled the world speaking and coaching marketing teams and startup founders.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Gerhardt knows a thing or two about marketing and branding. Luckily for us, he’s more than willing to share his knowledge with the general public.

“Because no one goes to school for B2B marketing,” says Dave in both the header of his LinkedIn profile and his bio.

While, literally, I would argue with that statement as I’ve majored Marketing at university, figuratively… he’s right. You can only master the art of B2B marketing if you have access to the hottest industry insights, fresh expert tips, and hands-on experience.


Foremost, Dave Gerhardt is a brand marketing officer. The most important brand he’s constantly working on is his personal brand. Even though his emails can’t boast sexy designs or intricate layouts, Dave’s personality shines through the copy and compensates!

When subscribing to his newsletter, you shouldn’t expect any set-in-stone structure or schedule. His emailing patterns are random, and so are the email formats. You might get the odd email on a Tuesday morning, then four more the following week. Then you might sit there, waiting for your next dose of Gerhardt marketing wisdom for half a month.

Not sure why the newsletter subscribers put up with this? Well, there’s a reason why Dave has a huge mailing list despite his frantic emailing. His tips are actually golden and fun to read. Here are just a few things you can find in your inbox if you subscribe to Dave Gerhardt’s newsletter…

  • Random ideas and industry secrets
  • Scenes from the Swipe File: marketing campaigns ideas from other brands to get inspired
  • Job alerts
  • Thought of the week: An email longread piece with tips, tricks, and strategies
Thought of the week by Dave Gerhardt
Thought of the Week by Dave Gerhardt 


  • To subscribe to Dave Gerhardt’s newsletter, go to his website, leave your email address, and hit the Get My Emails button

Seven subscriptions later, you have the knowledge of the brightest minds of the sales and marketing world. As long as you open the emails and not sign up and ghost, of course.

Let’s get reading!

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