This spring we’ve got great news to share with you: NetHunt CRM has been acknowledged as a High Performer in the 2018 Spring Grid Report for Best CRM Software by G2 Crowd. It’s so thrilling to have our hard work and dedication to make entrepreneurs’ workflow simpler recognized by grateful customers. Thanks to all who made this possible.

G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business solution review platform with high credibility. Their scoring methodology, Grid, takes into account more than 381,000 user reviews to rank products. Customer satisfaction, market, web, and social presence are the key factors that determine a product’s rating.

Among various CRM systems represented on the site, NetHunt is recognized as a High Performer and holds one of the highest scores: 4.7 out of 5. High Performers are those products that receive exceptionally favorable reviews from their users and are on their way to achieving significant market share and scale.

Also, based on real-users reviews, NetHunt was included in ten G2 Crowd indexes:

  1. Implementation Index for CRM
  2. Results Index for CRM
  3. Small-Business Results Index for CRM
  4. Small-Business Grid® Report for CRM
  5. Grid® Report for CRM
  6. Usability Index for CRM
  7. Small-Business Usability Index for CRM
  8. Small-Business Implementation Index for CRM
  9. Relationship Index for CRM
  10. Small-Business Relationship Index for CRM

G2 Crowd users about us

We are thankful for the positive feedback from our incredible users. Here’s what some of them have to say about us on G2 Crowd:

Simple, and easy to use is the best way of describing NetHunt! With all features included in one package at affordable prices, NetHunt is the best CRM we have used. The best part is that it integrates right in with Gmail. Never been happier with a CRM.
Julian Silva – Promoe (Promotion Network)

The flexibility it offers, ease of creating saved views (filtered, groped etc) and links between sales pipeline and contacts. All this at a great price too compared to Streak. It is a real pleasure to configure and use.
Keith Dale – Kisska (Design Agency)

It’s a simple system that works great with Gmail. We’ve been previously using Google Sheets and Excel for our client database and NetHunt is definitely a great upgrade.
Ernestas Adomaitis – Real Game (Real Estate Consulting)

To see more reviews or leave one of your own, visit our profile on G2 Crowd.

Since the beginning of NetHunt, our mission has been to allow business professionals to manage their customer relations effortlessly and focus on what they are best at – running the business. By using our Gmail integrated CRM, it’s all possible.

Google products have become reliable tools for modern entrepreneurs. Still, we saw that people really needed a straightforward and efficient CRM for Gmail. So we created one that lets users manage a business inside their inbox. The approval and support we received from the community prove that helping entrepreneurs is the right mission.
Andrei Petrik, CEO & Co-Founder at NetHunt

Without NetHunt customers, we wouldn’t have been able to bring our vision to life. Thank you. We promise to work twice as hard to ensure you receive the best experience with our product. We won’t fail you.

How NetHunt helps your business

NetHunt CRM is a customer relationship management system for Gmail and Google Apps. It serves as a customizable system for organizing business processes and communications, letting you manage your business without leaving the inbox. Here are the main features of NetHunt:

  1. With the extremely comprehensive interface, you can manage deals by simply moving your customizable drag-and-drop cards inside Gmail;
  2. NetHunt enables you to send thousands of personalized emails and offers powerful tools for analyzing leads’ engagement;
  3. NetHunt was created with our users in mind. That’s why we have prepared preset workflows, pipelines, and views for various businesses so you can start working immediately;
  4. The smooth performance is one of the key factors that helped us win our customers’ hearts. Regardless of how many leads you have, the system allows you to manage your records and deals with no stutter of freezing;
  5. You can afford it. With NetHunt, you get all the comfort of using Gmail fully integrated CRM for a very reasonable price comparing to other similar CRMs.

To see how you can make your life and life of your work team easier with NetHunt, schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to introduce you to the world of a simple and highly customizable CRM inside Gmail.

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