Of all the integrations we’ve taken on, LinkedIn is the trickiest. Because when it comes to generating leads and selling, it is not only LinkedIn that matters. Sales Navigator appears to play far more important role in the process.
However, here at NetHunt, we set out to bring more productivity and balance into your working hours. That is why we can’t miss out on the opportunity to get such an important tool connected to NetHunt.

Key features:

  • Find and engage with new leads faster.
    NetHunt integration with LinkedIn automatically shows which LinkedIn profiles and companies are already in your CRM and which ones are new. It saves your time and lets you focus on connecting with new opportunities instead of manually checking all LinkedIn profiles and conversation history.
  • Automate lead capturing and data entry.
    Add new leads from LinkedIn to NetHunt CRM with just one click and automatically enrich their profiles with details that are available to you as a user: picture, first name, last name, company, title, email, phone number, Skype id, Twitter handle, birth date, link to LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Add new companies to your CRM.
    With NetHunt-to-LinkedIn integration, you can instantly add not only new contacts to your CRM, but also new organizations along with their details: name, description, logo, website, phone number, address, foundation date, industry, company size, link to LinkedIn profile.
  • Get full context at hand.
    Instantly see all the lead- or company-related details next to their profile on LinkedIn. Important information is always available and up-to-date, providing you with a valuable context when you need it the most.”

Important notes:

  • NetHunt integration with LinkedIn is now available as a Chrome extension only.
  • Once you start working with NetHunt and activate extension, the system won’t automatically connect your CRM database with LinkedIn. To connect your contacts and companies with LinkedIn profile, you will need to add or link them (one-click) from LinkedIn to your CRM.
  • When you add a new Contact from LinkedIn to NetHunt, a new record will be created in Contacts folder. If this Contact has a Company mentioned as their current workplace, this Company will also be added to NetHunt and linked with this Contact.
  • When you add a new Organization from LinkedIn to NetHunt, a new record will be created in Companies folder.
  • LinkedIn integration is available on our trial period, the Professional Plus plan, and the Enterprise plan. We’ve also enabled a 14-day test period for users on our Free and Professional plans, giving everybody the opportunity to try the new reports and decide if they want to upgrade.
  • If you’ve tested LinkedIn integration beta version, then after the public launch the records that you’ve added from LinkedIn to NetHunt will get disconnected (NetHunt icons turned to white again).This is a known issue related to our change of the main principle according to which LinkedIn profiles are being linked with NetHunt. You can either link them manually from LinkedIn once again or contact us at support@nethunt.com — we’ll help reestablish the connection for these records.

Best practices:

  • There’s no need to open a person’s profile on LinkedIn to add them to your NetHunt CRM. You can create a new Contact or Company from any LinkedIn page where you see the NetHunt icon next to the Contact name or Company name.
  • Newly created Contacts or Companies are automatically enriched with the LinkedIn details that are available to you as a user. To grab more details from LinkedIn profiles, we recommend adding them to you connections in LinkedIn first.
  • Since LinkedIn profiles are added to the Contacts folder in NetHunt CRM, we recommend keeping all of your contacts in the default Contacts folder in NetHunt. If you keep them in another folder, please contact us at support@nethunt.com to help you set up the system for correct integration with LinkedIn.

For more details on setting up your NetHunt-LinkedIn integration, please check out these tutorials.

About security

Here’s why our integration with LinkedIn is non-abusive and secure:

  • We don’t run any hidden mass actions on behalf of the user.
  • We add only one contact or company at a time and only when user initiates this action.
  • We do not perform any kind of massive search or downloads of LinkedIn users.
  • When adding a new Contact or Company to NetHunt CRM, we are not grabbing any profile detail that is not available to our users otherwise.

About the next integration release

Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Link LinkedIn messages to related CRM records.
  • Automatic update of LinkedIn information in NetHunt CRM.
  • Smart connection suggestions.

Give our LinkedIn integration a good test and email us at support@nethunt.com to share your feedback, questions, or suggestions!

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