Seamless integration of NetHunt with Gmail has always been our top priority. All to enable sales professionals to focus on what’s really important: customers, not a CRM system.

Since our users find the integration so efficient, we asked ourselves: why stop? There is a myriad of tools sales reps benefit from, and connecting those with Gmail integrated CRM will only enhance their performance. With a help of Zapier, it’s all possible.

NetHunt-Zapier solution has been immensely popular among our users, so it’s time to take our partnership to the next level: NetHunt is out of Beta now! This means more reliable performance, deeper integration and more tools to connect.

But most importantly, NetHunt being out of Beta allows you to create Zaps from the comfort of your Inbox. You just need to take the following steps:

  1. Click on the NetHunt icon in your Inbox and select Integrate with Zapier:

2. Choose Zaps you want to use:

3. If you haven’t found the connection you need, click See more NetHunt CRM integrations for more Zaps.

What is Zapier?

With the growing number of extremely useful but completely unsynchronizable web applications, a tough business question has emerged: is there a way to move info from such apps? The answer is YES. Zapier is a simple tool to transfer data between numerous web applications.

The best thing about Zapier is that it’s surprisingly easy to use – no technical skills required. With this tool, you create Zaps: connections between two apps within which you exchange the information. For a Zap, you just need a Trigger (changes in this app data initiate a synchronization) and an Action (the app that responds to changes).

What Zaps you can use with NetHunt

In order to ensure users have access to all the necessary tools for work, NetHunt has joined forces with Zapier in offering you the following integrations:

Lead capturing forms

No more silly copy-pasting and neverending manual data exports for your CRM to access the leads base. Create a Zap to synchronize NetHunt with such popular lead capturing services as Google Forms, Wufoo, LinkedIn LeadGen, etc. By doing so you will have records for all the leads automatically created in NetHunt CRM.

Mass mailing services

Do you love to send out newsletters with MailChimp or similar bulk mailing services, but hate to add every subscriber manually? No worries. Use NetHunt Zap and enjoy the automatic updating of your subscribers lists each time you create a record in your CRM.

To-Do lists apps

There is also great news for those who use Todoist and other to-do list apps to stay organized. This Zap enables users to add new NetHunt CRM comments to Todoist as tasks. In result, this will prevent important things from slipping your mind and you’ll have valuable memos stored in NetHunt.

How to use NetHunt with Zapier

As it was mentioned already, a Zap consists of a Trigger and an Action. NetHunt can be employed as both.

To use NetHunt as a Trigger, you will need to click on Build a Zap and choose NetHunt CRM as a Trigger. Then set the action that will work as a trigger for NetHunt and choose which Action it will cause to happen in another app.

If you need to use NetHunt as an Action, go through the following steps in the app that serves as a trigger. Firstly, select NetHunt from the other apps available and set the Action you want this Zap to complete. After that, follow the templates as in triggers.

To see the complete guide with screenshots on how to create Zaps with NetHunt, follow the link or drop us a message at

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