NetHunt CRM is a project of many complicated ideas and aims that we’ve been working to realize. Putting a real CRM system inside a familiar interface of Gmail without compromising both experiences is one of them.

We’ve been receiving some great feedback from NetHunt users and now, following a review by FinancesOnline (one of leading SaaS, B2B, and finance solutions review platform), we know that we’re on the right track.

CRM is often important, but complicated software in the modern businessperson’s toolbox. The experts at were impressed with the simplicity and ease of use that NetHunt CRM presents its users with and awarded NetHunt with the Great User Experience 2017 Award!

FinancesOnline experts noted the deep level of Gmail-integration, allowing NetHunt users to adapt the CRM to their needs and workflow, instead of changing the way they work so they can integrate with a new system. NetHunt aims to bring effective business management to companies using Gmail and G Suite. We’re happy that NetHunt makes CRM more accessible for start-ups and small businesses.

“It is a very simple CRM solution that anyone can easily learn and work with.”

Another recognition is the Rising Star 2017 Award. While NetHunt is a relatively new software on the SaaS and business management tools arena, it has managed to spark an interest in the eyes of experts and users alike.

The team of NetHunt CRM is genuinely happy to receive these awards. We were also very positive about finding out that our product was mentioned among the most popular CRM solutions according to FinancesOnline. We have a long road ahead. There’s always a room for improvements and we’re doing our best to bring them to you ASAP.

Let us know about your expectations and experience with NetHunt CRM. Stay tuned for more updates!

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