Hi, everyone!
Andrei Petrik is here, CEO and Co-Founder of NetHunt CRM.

I’m happy to announce that NetHunt CRM goes live! Now you can manage leads and sales, project development, tech support, carry out email campaigns and more without leaving Gmail. Sounds cool? That’s only the beginning!

What NetHunt CRM is NOT

  • NetHunt isn’t yet another dedicated CRM with its own infrastructure built around it.
  • It’s not a CRM where employees need to enter tons of client data manually and might miss some important information.
  • NetHunt isn’t a CRM that sets limitations on how to use it. It’s not to benefit only one type of workflow or business process.
  • NetHunt isn’t a CRM with complicated pricing plans.
  • It’s not only for storing data. NetHunt provides this data to people who will benefit the most from it, who actually build relationships with clients.

A Gmail productivity suite

Simply put, NetHunt is a CRM and a productivity tool inside Google Apps. If you’re using Gmail for your business, chances are that a lot of your work time is spent inside the inbox. The biggest chunk of your customer data and interactions is already there. You know how to use Gmail and you’re unlikely to abandon it even when you employ a CRM. So why not combine a business need for a CRM and better organization with the service that already works for you?

According to Capterra, there are around 365 Customer Relations Management systems on the market. If you’re thinking that that’s a lot, you’re not alone. So, why are we launching the 366th CRM at all? It’s a daunting task to roll out something new in a market so overcrowded, but we’re taking a different approach.

We’ve designed NetHunt CRM as a solution to specific problems that most CRM systems have. The goal is not to reinvent old features or to cater to a particular niche. The goal is to address the common pains and troubles.

Problem #1 – Too much software to handle

When choosing a CRM system, you should be prepared that you’re getting one more app. It’s one more piece of software to maintain, to implement, to set up, to support and to learn how to use. Most CRM solutions follow a seemingly flawless logic that “Everything is stored in one place”. However,

“Everything in one place” shouldn’t mean “in YET ANOTHER place”.

We’re not trying to create a completely new ecosystem that will force you to use it while switching between apps and windows. Most business people are already using Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar etc.) and they are great tools. NetHunt turns the Google Apps you’re using into a CRM system. It gives your inbox, calendar, and documents the additional functionality with business processes and productivity in mind.

Problem #2 – CRM systems often underestimate the importance of emails

Usually, when you need to find an email associated with a client, you don’t want only the text. You want the context – a metadata associated with it – that the email provides to your deal. NetHunt displays such data immediately, making it searchable and actionable.

The holistic approach puts business context into the spotlight.

Because emails are not just letters. They are leads, tasks, clients, support cases, product inquiries and more. Email integration has always been an afterthought in CRM solutions. Here they are one of the main sources of the business information.

Problem #3 – Workers don’t have TIME to type data into a CRM

As NetHunt integrates with Gmail and Google Apps, it has an instant access to the content of the email. NetHunt can detect the client information (the email address, name, telephone number etc.) inside an email and add it to the corresponding fields.

NetHunt fills in the Record fields for you.

We’re making your Gmail inbox smarter and actionable. Instead of retyping the data, the CRM will fill Records with the available information. This gives you more time to actually work than to feed your CRM Records.

Problem #4 – Confusing pricing tiers with blocked features

Pricing is often a pain point while choosing a CRM system. Some CRM vendors tend to scatter important functionality across the more pricey plans. Ultimately, it’s pushing you towards paying more for what should have been the essentials. And there’s often a catch that the advertised price is available only if you immediately commit for a whole year. Yes, it’s a business tool that will help you generate profit, but it doesn’t mean that a sky-high price is acceptable.

The pricing of NetHunt CRM is fair, simple and affordable.

We’re strong adherents of the simple and transparent pricing with no artificial limitations. Our price is based solely on the number of CRM users. The 14-days Trial period allows you to fully test-drive NetHunt in your business environment. And we’re not going to upsell you the juiciest parts later.

Start your hunt!

By solving these common issues, we want to help businesses and individual entrepreneurs to get the most out of their Gmail inbox and Google Apps. If any of the problems above are familiar to you, you’re welcome to join NetHunt CRM on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the updates. See you soon!

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