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It’s been awhile since we’ve added something big to NetHunt CRM, but that’s only because we’ve been working towards doing so. Today we’re happy to announce a major update to NetHunt CRM, the one which would allow you to become more productive using NetHunt CRM alongside the G Suite apps. Also, we’ve remade a significant part of how NetHunt CRM looks and works.

Now let’s take a look at the new features and improvements of the latest update!

NOTE: To enable new features, restart Google Chrome browser.

The New Interface

Better Cards

Card-based view not only became more… “card”-based but now you also have an option to see what the data in a card actually means by displaying fields’ name. Additionally, all color-coded fields data is displayed in the same color you’ve set it up, making it easier to navigate at a glance.

Improved Navigation

We’ve made navigating between views, folders and even workspaces a much smoother experience. Now you can click on the navigation bar(similar to the one in Google Drive) above the list or card view and quickly jump to any part of NetHunt CRM which you have access to.

Easier Filters

No more need to enter search queries manually to precisely filter your deals or clients. Now all you need to do is click on the “Filter by” button under the Navigation bar and just choose which field data to include in your next view.

No More Folder Dashboard

Remember that old folder dashboard where you could see all your folders, add new people, customize fields and check the list of the most recent records? Well, it’s gone!

Now, when you click on a folder name in the left sidebar, you’ll immediately open a list of records in that folder. In case you want to customize and manage the folder like before, you can now find all the old options available by clicking on the three dots menu in the top-right corner of the list view you’re currently in.

For example, if you want to customize your folders and change fields, go to Settings & Permissions and adjust everything like you did this before.

New G Suite Apps Integration

The aim of NetHunt CRM has always been to become your single stop for any business related data you have. Especially if that data is stored in various G Suite apps. Now NetHunt is one step closer to this aim, while you’re closer to closing more deal, instead of hunting for data.

Google Drive

There’s usually a ton of documents that are nice to have at hand when reviewing a deal or preparing to close it. Some of them a kept in emails as attachments, others are on your Google Drive and everything else is stored locally on your PC and you can have a hard time reaching them on the go.

The new update lets you keep all relevant files inside a record. This means that you can access contracts, photos and other materials from within a client or a deal record. Simply click on the “Attach file” button below record’s fields to either upload a new file or link the ones already stored on your Google Drive.

Google Calendar

If you’re trying to organize your business activities, you’re probably relying heavily on Google Calendar. It’s a useful tool to see what’s next on your agenda. But when it comes to finding all of the meetings, demos, presentations and other events related to a single client, the things might get a little confusing.

With a 2-way Calendar integration, you can effectively create new calendar events from inside records. Simply click on the “Conversations” button under the record’s fields and select “Calendar Event” which will take you to the web version of Google Calendar, while the new event will be linked to the records.

Or, if you prefer the other way around, first create a Calendar event, then link the event to an existing record or create a whole new record around it by clicking on the NetHunt icon inside a Calendar event. This work in the similar fashion as linking emails to the records.

Now not only you’ll see all of the upcoming events under the corresponding record, but will be able to see the timeline of how the relationships with a client progressed over time.

Google Sheets

Keeping the CRM information siloed inside the system isn’t the best idea (this is why NetHunt integrates with over 750 apps via Zapier). Occasionally you might want to use this data in some other services, or provide this data to somebody outside your company. For these purposes, you now can export folders or views into Google Sheets and immediately share it with others.

Simply choose which folder or view you’d like to export, click on the three dots menu and choose “Export…”, then “Export to Google Sheets”.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update and the new features. Stay tuned and follow our blog for more updates!

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