Are you going to arrange a music festival, workshop, sports event, celebratory banquet or any other event? Well, it means that your sales and marketing teams will need to work on getting attendees at your arrangement. Though there is a basic set of activities to put everything in order, any event will be deemed unsuccessful if the number of attendees does not meet the expected rate. Sending a well-crafted invitation email is the first step to getting visitors and providing excellent customer service. And the first thing that your future visitors will see is that invitation’s subject line. So lets pay some time to crafting it.

1. Event Promotion

The modern digitalized world offers multiple opportunities to announce an arrangement and make people aware of an upcoming event. People regularly dealing with marketing tasks will effortlessly name you several approaches or solutions to promote any kind of activity. At the same time, this variety of promoting options does not aim at building personal attitude to probable visitors. However, one option does. It refers to email marketing. The English of this is to send an electronic letter as an invitation.

Such way of grabbing attention is preferable than phone calls or online advertising. First of all, you will unlikely disturb or distract a contact from his or her activity. Secondly, the introduction of the event is performed in a smooth and convenient way since the contact can read the email in a comfortable environment. Therefore, a risk to fall into disfavor or evoke anger of the recipient is minimized.

2. Invitation Letter and Its Structure

It is senseless to explain or describe a structure of a regular electronic email. People reading this article are not newcomers in the world of digital communication. However, an invitation email is not a regular email. If you want to attract someone’s attention, it is necessary to highlight versatile points that are deemed insignificant for a regular electronic communication. These are the major characteristics of a decent electronic invitation:

  • Professional email address;
  • Email subject line for event invitation;
  • Personal appeal to a recipient;
  • Visual dressing;
  • Email Signature.

Each of the mentioned points deserves a particular review and profound approach. Nevertheless, in the present article, we will focus on the invitation email subject line as a key to a successful event.

3. Major Eye-Catching Element

It is more than likely that you have faced thousands of electronic letters during your life and business activities. With this in mind, can you answer what is the first thing to notice upon the email receipt? For me personally, the subject line is the first element catching my eye.

Moreover, such obstinate science as statistics shows that one-third of addressee take a decision to open an electronic letter based on the said element. Would you agree that the importance of email subject titles for invitation letter is undisputed? In addition, this key decision is usually made within a couple of seconds. So, if you need to gather a crowd for the event, be sure that these seconds can be decisive.

4. Ways to Win Seconds

Now, you know that all you need is to persuade the recipient to open your invitation. The easiest way to do it is to compose good email subject lines for networking. Naturally, if you succeed it does not mean that the recipient will convert into a visitor. Nevertheless, a percentage of such conversion will be definitely higher. On this account, let’s review some prompts to turn your email titles for invitation letter into a brilliant.


People like honest confessions and announcements. If you plan to organize a sports event, it is absurd to allure people to some other arrangement. What is the point? So, being specific in the title means attract real interest.

Personal Appeal

Mass mailing is a convenient and timesaving way to make an announcement or invitation. Nevertheless, it is not a fit if you fight for each visitor. When you address somebody by his or her name, you show your respect and concernment in this very individual.

Power Words

Some words either increase or decrease the probability that the email will be opened. As a rule, such words are represented by call-to-action verbs placed at the very beginning of the subject line.

Uniqueness or Special Offer

Everybody likes feeling special. On this account, if your subject contains a hint at some unique character or exclusiveness of the upcoming event, it will make the invitation more attractive.


A person might hate math but it is a fact that numbers can give much information. Therefore, if some figure can characterize and supplement your invitation, you are encouraged to use it.

Along with prompts what to do, there are always recommendations of what should be avoided. Actually, there are no limits to your fantasy and imagination unless you overuse capitals and exclamation marks. Would you open an email packed with such set of symbols in the subject line? I don’t think so.

5. Examples

Tips and recommendations are useful. Nevertheless, a good example can explain much more than a paragraph of sophisticated text. For this reason, meet several combinations of words that constitute decent email subject lines for event invitation letters.

Free Workshop to Master a CRM tool

The word “free” is very powerful since it indicates that no extra expenses are necessary. Besides, such invitation to get certain skills is clear and understandable.

Largest Agricultural Expo in Vancouver

This email title for a business event also begins with a power word and clearly explains the event and venue. Why not open this electronic envelope?

Don’t Miss Out: Soccer Evening

This example starts with the call to action. It expresses some exclusiveness of the mentioned opportunity. The second part of the line contains the explanation of what to expect on the event. However, more details are inside.

6. Bottom Line

As you understand, the attractive title of your email cannot guarantee an overall success of your undertaking. Nevertheless, in most cases, people will have incentives to open your invitation and learn its content.

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