The new release launched last week brought several major updates to email campaigns and fields management in NetHunt CRM. With the new features users now can:

  • Use their email campaign results to send follow-ups;
  • Allow their recipients to unsubscribe from sales and marketing emails;
  • Track unsubscribes and exclude unsubscribed contacts from their email campaigns;
  • Increase the quality of CRM data by adding fields that are required to fill in.

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Bulk email campaigns

If you have subscribed contacts who didn’t open an email campaign, you may want to send them a follow up message that would encourage them to open and read your email. Similarly, sending a follow-up campaign to your contacts who read an email campaign and even clicked the links in it, but haven’t responded, might help you yield higher results as well.

Read our tutorial to learn how you can send follow-up email campaigns in NetHunt.

Please note that sending the same campaign can cause unsubscribes. Therefore, to boost your engagement, try changing the subject line and the email contents to provide more value to your recipients and engage them in the conversation.


Every email should give the subscriber a chance to stop getting new messages. It increases your deliverability, shows your honesty and your open mind. While for your readers, it’s a chance to get only the most relevant content, for you the unsubscribe rate will provide some valuable insights, such as:

  • Who exactly is unsubscribing (age, gender, location, occupation). It could be that a part of your subscribers’ list is simply irrelevant, so maybe you shouldn’t send any more messages to them.
  • Is your content interesting? Without an Unsubscribe Button, you get practically no feedback. However, knowing how much value your content delivers is extremely important. Therefore, you can work on your mistakes only if you identified them.
  • Additional motivation. Knowing that the second that your content gets worse people will unsubscribe – that’s a perfect way to motivate yourself to conquer every email.

We’ve added unsubscribe option to email campaigns in NetHunt — here’s how you can use it!

Fields management

While we’re working on more automation features in NetHunt that will make it easier for sales reps to log customer data into the CRM, we’re also handing more robust data quality controls over to managers. To keep CRM data clean, complete, and consistent, sales managers can now set which fields in NetHunt are required.
Mandatory fields force sales reps to provide a value for the field before they can save the record. This applies when creating new and updating existing records.

We’ve combined instructions on how to use this feature — take a look!

Smaller updates

  • You can hide record snippets on email threads in your inbox.
  • Folders can now be re-ordered just using drag and drop.
  • In the left-side workspace menu, you can now collapse not only folders, but also the whole workspace.

A little sneak peek into the future product updates — we’re soon launching Google Contacts Sync that will automatically bring your contacts to NetHunt. Stay tuned for the next release in a few weeks ;)

We hope that these changes will make your work with NetHunt more smooth and productive. Please send your feedback and suggestions to — we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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