Hi, everyone!

There are several new features that we’ve recently added to NetHunt CRM. They are the features we’ve already had in our roadmap, but due to your requests, we’ve decided to prioritize their development. We’re glad that you make such requests as this helps us confirm that what we have in the roadmap is really important for your workflow. So, don’t stop, send us your suggestions and request – they will never be ignored.


You’ve probably discovered that the Notes field isn’t exactly suited for leaving comments or logging your activity. So now, under Conversations, there’s a new icon which allows you to leave actual comments. Click on it, select comment and you’re ready to go. Enter your comment in the text box and save the comment by clicking anywhere else on the page.

Call logs

Similar to comments, you can now add call logs to the conversations. Unlike comments, you can also add the call start time and duration. The new call log will be added to the Conversations part of the record, alongside the linked emails and comments.

By default, NetHunt CRM shows all of the related emails, comments, and logs, but you can choose which elements to show. Simply click on the appropriate icon to hide the Conversations element.


How much money do you have in the pipeline? What about each stage separately? Now NetHunt CRM can quickly answer those questions with the Summarize option. Similar to the cards customization, you can now customize your pipeline so that NetHunt would display the summary of records’ values in a pipeline and stages.

Click on the Sum button in the toolbar and select a field you want NetHunt to count (note: summarization only works with the numeric type of fields, so only they will be available for selection). Then choose what kind of summary you want to get: sum, average, min and max values. You can display up to 3 summaries in the pipeline. This works both in the list view and card-based view.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update and the new features. Stay tuned for the upcoming big announcement!

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