Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

Best Email Subject Lines

Electronic letter for most of Internet users is a simple way of communication with other users. At the same time, marketing specialists expand the value of email converting it into a powerful marketing tool. Do you think I’m joking? Not at all. The essence of any marketing strategy lies in interaction with the target audience. Otherwise speaking, content flows from a client to a contractor and vice versa. For that reason, thousands and millions of websites, blogs, landing pages, commercials, billboards, and other ways of intelligence distribution are deployed with the sole aim to convert leads into clients. What is the role of electronic mail in this sales funnel? Actually, it is another way of content delivery to potential clients. Moreover, this way may be much more impactful than those mentioned above.

The title of the present publication “Best Email Subject Lines for Sales” reflects the importance of a rather significant element of any electronic mail. Those who disagree may try to send the letter to a recipient with an empty title. As a rule, this letter ends up in the folder called Spam. This argument is undisputed. Hence, let’s see which other benefits are hidden.

Table of Contents

  1. Sales email subject lines definition
  2. What makes the best sales email subject lines?
  3. Typical mistakes
  4. Qualities of best email subject lines
  5. Best email subject lines for sales
  6. Conclusion

1. Sales email subject lines definition

Electronic mail subject is referred to a short description of a message. As a rule, this field is completed with words describing the letter content. However, it is not an obligation. A sender is free to write anything in this field for own purposes. Salespeople and marketers utilize this technique in commercial activities and compose catchy email subject lines to drive sales.

Those who express skepticism regarding the relevance of this email element should learn the following statistics: 87% of users consider the title field as a decisive factor to open a letter or remove it without reading. Moreover, a couple of seconds is enough for a regular user to understand the significance of email by virtue of what is written in this field. Put it otherwise, if your letters contain really appealing offers but lack effective sales email subject lines, your marketing strategy is under the threat of failure. The situation requires an immediate intervention to drive your business back on track.

2. What makes the best sales email subject lines?

How to induce a user to read the letter” should be the primary issue in the context of the present article. Otherwise speaking, the small combination of words near the sender’s name bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the lead desire to read the content. Thus, it must be creative and appealing in the eyes of the audience. On this account, let’s see how one can turn the email title into a precious stone. Also, find out more on this topic in the article by Geoffrey James for Inc.

1. Simplicity

A mean business user receives dozens or even hundreds of emails every day. For this reason, they do not have enough time to open each of them and prioritize letters in accordance with the title. Good email subject lines for sales are simple to get on top in this rating. Simplicity is always attractive since it does not require additional mental efforts to comprehend and understand the subject.

2. Brevity

Brevity comes along with simplicity. Fewer words mean more time saved for reading the content. That is why the most attractive title consists of up to five words. Be more precise, fifty characters is the value with the highest probability to be opened.

Brevity of Email Subject Line

3. Popularity

Human beings often focus attention on things that enjoy the universal popularity. Otherwise speaking, if you choose to use the title of a popular publication as a subject of your email, the email is likely to be opened by a decent percentage of recipients (at least 25%). Example of such great subject lines for sales include posts about “top” or “best” selections of products, solutions or tips. Certainly, such sought-after topics as “How to Save Money during a Vacation” and miscellaneous other recommendations are always popular.

4. Localization

There is a common opinion that personalized electronic letters are fit for sales. It is really so but personalizing the email title is a wrong way. In fact, recipients tend to ignore emails with their names in the topic field. A personal call is better to provide in the body text. At the same time, users are attracted by the name of their current location specified in the topic. For example, your name is Jeremy and you live in Laredo. You obtain two emails with “Useful Stuff in Laredo” and “Useful Stuff for Jeremy”. Which one will you choose? The second option seems to be composed by emailing software while the first one has a local spirit.

5. Personalization

Though it was mentioned above that any kind of personalizing in the topic line is better to avoid, Bluleadz has the opposite opinion and offers to include your first name. Which prompt is more effective? You will never know until you try.

6. Questions

Putting a proper inquiry in the subject field has proven to be rather performant. The point is to guess it. Otherwise speaking, a recipient will read the email if the question is relevant to his or her current state of affairs. Good luck in this challenge.

7. Honesty and transparency

Unfortunately, these two notions are quite sought-after in the modern society. Judge for yourself, many people are used to lying every day in order to hide some secrets, release somebody from troubles (so-called white lie), etc. So perhaps, doing the opposite and being honest with your recipients can become the trigger to increase open rate. Still, avoid making promises, which you are not capable to accomplish. That is a bad practice, which entails adverse consequences.

8. Spelling mistakes

Does not it sound weird that the evidence of being a human foresees making mistakes? This technique is not very popular but it works. Certainly, there is no need to deliberately deform words. A simple “hurried” spelling mistake will be amply. If decent email subject is needed, spoil it. It sounds paradoxical, does not it?

Your teacher might have flunked your grammar but it is worth it. Forget about capitalization of the initial word, as well as all other words. Such text looks more human and increases open rates.

3. Typical mistakes

Now we have some ideas of what should be featured in a good email subject line. However, it is equally important to be aware of the mistakes any self-respecting entrepreneur should dread making. So, here you have some of the most frequent errors that senders make when composing their emails. Make sure you avoid these in your subject lines as well as email bodies.

1. Unknown senders

Meet the most obvious reason why your email was sent to recycle bin even unread. Letters from unknown companies or individuals have a high probability to be ignored. On this account, if you send emails to leads who do not have you on the contact list, do not expect a high open rate.

Unkown Sender In Email Saubject Line

2. Poor quality of information

Another important point is to care about the content. Even if the recipient has already read letters from you, he or she may refuse of doing it again. The reason is the information of little value provided in your first email. All you have is to put up since your reputation in the eyes of the recipient is ruined. Alternatively, one can change the email address and start anew. However, that way is rather thorny.

3. Spam words

The electronic letter may be trapped in spam not only when the topic field is empty but also when a recipient’s spam filter is activated. As a rule, filtration is based on certain trigger words like “free”, “buy”, “order”, “income” etc. In fact, the selection of such words comprises around 100. Unfortunately, filters are constantly updated and the list gets longer. In addition, some words are not caught by spam filters but still remain out of recipients’ favor. These include “help”, “reminder” and others.

4. Qualities of best email subject lines

There is no secret that best subject lines for sales email campaigns must be honest and human. In other words, a recipient should be free of the feeling that the letter was composed by a machine. Such intents as providing education or entertainment are highly praised. Moreover, it is better if the message reminds a dialogue or letter correspondence between two people. Any sign of formatting or catchy slogan is a straightforward way to the trash. What should a human electronic letter subject look like? The following prompts will help you hit the target.

5. Best email subject lines for sales

Attentive readers might notice that no examples have been provided within the entire body text of the publication so far. Still, theoretical data is not effective unless it is put into practice. On that account, let’s review several popular and simply best email subject lines for sales examples.

“(Mutual Contact) advised me to get in contact with you”

This technique is common for people who have an actual mutual contact with a lead. Having a referral in the title field is the evidence of trust. On the other hand, if you do not have such a contact, trying to guess it is a very bad idea.

“Do not open”

The phrase was the hit for attracting leads until recently. However, today its flame is fading away. Nevertheless, you may find people who will be hooked by means of reverse psychology.

“(Number of) prompts/ideas for (certain activity)”

A combination of numbers and recommendations is a detonating mixture. If this cannot drive interest then what can?

6. Conclusion

Now, the readers understand why creating good sales email subject lines in electronic letters is so impactful. All that remains is to implement theory into practice.

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