An important update, directly from NetHunt HQ.

Update on September 20, 2022

After almost seven months, Ukraine still defends global peace by protecting its land, national identity, and right to exist.

The Ukrainian Army protects our people and our border every second. The world is beneficial in providing Ukraine with aid that is much needed to stop this war, but the crimes continue. Thus, we need more weapons to resist.

Besides, our country needs resources to fight the crisis on the humanitarian front.

With every donation, big or small, you help Ukraine come a step closer to victory. That is why we’re asking you to keep helping however you can.

We're adding a list of trustworthy funds that support Ukraine’s fight for justice:

  • KOLO - the fund created by the team of top managers of product companies to provide operational assistance to the Armed Forces.
  • Charity Foundation by Serhiy Prytula - Serhiy has been helping the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the war in 2014. He initiated the largest collection for the needs of the Ukrainian military and purchased a satellite for the needs of the Ukrainian defence sector.
  • IT Troops - A fund created by cinematographers and IT specialists, focused on providing the frontlines with life-saving equipment, as well as launching publicity campaigns to attract the international media’s attention to the war.

Let's stay united in helping light win over darkness.

Update on March 25, 2022

In an attempt to thank Ukrainian charity funds and volunteer organizations for their actions, we've developed a special year-long program for non-profit organisations.

All the Ukrainian non-profit organisations that apply before December 31st, 2022 are eligible for the following benefits:

- 6 months of free access to NetHunt CRM (Business plan)
- the following 6 months -50% discount.
- absolute support of our Customer Success team on every stage of NetHunt CRM implementation and adoption.

Find out more about NetHunt's Support Program for Ukrainian non-profit organisations here:

To get in touch with our Ukrainian-speaking Customer Success team, please use this link:

Update on March 16, 2022

NetHunt CRM no longer operates in Russia and Belarus

As a company with a Ukrainian heart, we are firmly against the tragic, senseless, and illegal invasion of our country by Russia.

In light of the war and suffering caused by the Russian Federation, NetHunt CRM suspends its services in Russia and Belarus. From today (March 16, 2022), we cease cooperation with businesses that are headquartered or have offices in Russia and Belarus.

We stand with hundreds of other global corporations and organizations in implementing a suspension of services. We stand with Ukraine!

Original post, published March 1, 2022

We are Ukrainian. NetHunt CRM operates out of Kyiv, Ukraine. Most importantly, we grew up in, live in, and love Ukraine. It is our country, our home, and our identity.

We’re sure you’ve read the news about the war that is going on now in Ukraine. February 24th, 2022 will be forever remembered as one of the darkest days in Ukrainian history. This is the date Russia started a war with independent Ukraine, home to 44 million people who have spent years dreaming about its future as an EU country.

A lot of our customers and partners have reached out with their support, asking if there’s anything they can do to help. And yes, you can help us stop Russian aggression.

We’ve gathered a number of ways in which you can help Ukraine’s army, women, and children. Here’s how you can help👇

Donate via trusted sources…

Other ways to support

What does the situation mean to NetHunt’s users?

Nothing. NetHunt CRM is working without disruption. We’re safe and resilient in the face of this ongoing challenge. NetHunt CRM continues to work at full capacity.

We received a number of questions from our clients regarding NetHunt CRM and its services, and we thought a quick FAQ would be the best ones to answer them directly.

Q: Is my data safe?

Yes! While NetHunt’s heart is in Kyiv, all your data is safe and secure on Google servers that are located in the USA. Our payment processor, Stripe, is also based in the US, meaning that your payment details are secure and comply with world data privacy standards.

Q: Is NetHunt CRM still fully functional?

Yes, NetHunt CRM is stable. Nothing has changed in our day-to-day operations. It works flawlessly, and we’re working to keep our system up-to-date and bug-free as before. We have ambitious plans for 2022 and we’re more determined than ever to bring them to life.

Q: Can I get help from your Customer Success team?

Yes. We’re here to answer any questions you have about NetHunt CRM. We’re available via email, chat, and are ready to hop on a call for a personalised demo of the system.

If you need to talk to us, schedule a call with our Customer Success Team here.

We’d like to thank all our customers and partners who have reached out and expressed their support to the NetHunt team and Ukraine as a country.

We’d also like to thank the Ukrainian Army and people for their brevity in defending our land, independence, and future!

Slava Ukraini! Keep saying it over and over again!

Your NetHunt CRM team 💙💛