How to create and manage views

Group and sort records into views

The records inside a folder can be represented in two different types of views: a list view or a card-based view.

Video guide

List view

Click on the Show the list of records under Records in the dashboard to open a list view.

In this view, records will be shown as a list, allowing you to quickly navigate through them. By default, records are sorted by their update time. To sort them by other parameters, use the Sort by button in the toolbar and select a parameter.

Cards view

To create a card-based view of the records, open a list view, use the Group by button and choose the field you want to group the records by.

This way records will be divided into columns based on their field values. For example, grouping records by a Stage field will give you an overview of records sorted by their current stage in the process (for example, in a sales pipeline).

How to save views

To save a view for a quick access later, click on the arrow next to the Save button, choose Save as…, name the view and press OK.

The saved views will become available from the left sidebar under the corresponding folder.

To manage the saved views, go to the Views in the dashboard. Use the icons next to the corresponding saved view to:

  • Rename a view
  • Share a view with other people (by default, all views are shared if a folder is shared)
  • Show/hide the view in the left sidebar
  • Delete a view

When you access a saved view and change it in any manner, you can save the changes to this view by clicking on the Save button.

How to change the column’s color

The colors of the drop-down field values can be changed. This will affect the color of the column and display fields. To change the color you can either edit the field and its values under fields in the dashboard or by hovering over the counter in the column’s title to access the settings (the gear icon).

From the same drop-down menu you can hide the selected column from the view.

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