Email Follow-Ups

It's easy to forget about that one email you had to reply to. An assignment that has slipped through your to-do list, a lead awaiting for a reply or an important meeting to attend. The same is true for your clients and colleagues. Follow-Ups in NetHunt CRM can help you solve this.

Set Follow-Up reminders in Gmail

Inbox Zero with no compromises

Keep your inbox clean but never lose a letter that requires attention. Use Follow-Ups to clear your Inbox from unread emails and get back to them as tasks later.

Improve email response rates

Not everybody replies immediately. Set a Follow-Up email for your sales pitches with a week term and, if nobody answers, give it another try.

Remind about a conversation

Flag a letter or a Record as a Follow-Up reminder and return to it later. Use preset dates or create a custom one to rearrange messages into a structured To-Do list.

Turn emails into a To-Do list

Follow-Ups and Reminders go to a separate folder. Sort them by priority, date and status to get an immediate task overview.

Be productive, not busy

Not all tasks are equally important. NetHunt CRM can separate critical tasks from important or minor ones by setting the priority level of the reminder.

Color-code your Follow-ups

Set a flag color to see the task's category at a glance. Use colors for different dates, types of tasks or when you're waiting for a reply, not something that you need to do.

Never miss a deadline

NetHunt Follow-Ups act as a prioritized To-Do list that sorts your Follow-Ups as tasks by the due date. Urgent Follow-Ups will always be on top of the list and visible.

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