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Ready to hunt for awesome CRM? NetHunt is a CRM built inside Gmail and integrated with other G Suite apps. It’s an ideal solution for small businesses, sales teams, and companies using Gmail as a primary communication tool.

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Why Our Customers Love Us


“Super ease-of-use in Gmail integration + iPhone app. Top-shelf support. Great price-point. Big fan!” ...Read More

Sherman H.

“NetHunt CRM is the best CRM I've used and enables our team to handle all CRM tasks with Gmail. ” ...Read More

Allan F.

“Super easy to setup , does not require any special skills. It just works! Tech support is great and you can communicate with a real person when needed. ” ...Read More

Eran G.

“NetHunt is designed with sales managers in mind and it shows. There are many things that make my sales process easier to manage. ” ...Read More

Yanina M.

“The moment I start nitpicking on something, it immediately gets fixed or improved. Nice to see that the service is alive and always improving. ” ...Read More

Ilya G.

“NetHunt is a very simple to use system. But behind that simplicity lies great functionality and customisation possibilities. ” ...Read More

Mikhail V.

“I love that all the things that are scattered in my G Apps are stored in one place and I do not get lost in my mail. ” ...Read More

Christina K.

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