CRM for Customer Support

"How am I going to tackle the customer service and support"? This is one of the important questions you should answer before launching your products or services. Customer satisfaction is the key to higher retention and the foundation of a brand loyalty. NetHunt CRM features a set of tools that will help you with providing a top-notch customer service and support experience to benefit your business.

Top-notch customer support

The key aspect of ensuring that your clients receive the best customer service and support experience is the momentum. Customers want an immediate attention, fast reaction and efficient help. When emails form the basis of your business customer support, the optimal solution to any case should arrive in 1 interaction, in 1 email. All companies should strive for reaching a 1 hour response time or the whole case solution. This does not mean that you actually have a whole hour, as there are often multiple cases to work on at the same time.

Customer service is rarely a simple process. Usually, it goes through several stages of inquiries, clarifications, updates, and feedback. It can often cross the competence and scope of the support team and might need the involvement of other departments. For a fast and correct response, the business needs to ensure that all employees, no matter the department, are one the same page. That the customer information and details are immediately available to everybody involved.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Get a centralized system

Most companies employ a CRM system solely for storing client data. At the same time, they use a dedicated software for the customer support and emails for internal and external communication. Because of this, there's a ton of software to maintain and multiple windows to cycle through. NetHunt eliminates this hassle by giving Gmail the functionality of a corporate CRM system.

Build a comprehensive client database

NetHunt CRM allows you to easily add customers to your client database using the emails you receive. Convert them into Records and all future messages from that customer will be automatically added to his or her Record. See details, notes, history, and associated cases for a 360-degree view of a client.

Leverage unified information

Records help you conveniently systematize all of the client data and share it with your colleagues. Once you receive a case from an existing Client, the background info will be immediately available to view and edit. Add your notes to cases, move them through stages and re-assign tasks to the appropriate departments.

Type less data

Support team members don't have to re-type customer data anymore. They will be able to file names, addresses, technical details, etc. in a click, getting faster to actually resolving the case. Any new member who gets assigned to a task won't have to search for that information and will see the prior history. This reduces case resolution time and increases customer satisfaction.

Streamline process

NetHunt provides you with the preset and customizable Folders to mold your business processes, including the customer service and support. You'll immediately see the contextual client information in the Inbox the moment you receive an email. Know what to do next, whom to assign the case to and how fast it must be resolved.

Build brand loyalty

Customers demand fast replies to their requests. They get frustrated when asked to provide the same info they already gave to another customer support member. Customers speak to the company, not a separate person. They expect all representatives of customer service to already know who they are. NetHunt provides you with means of ensuring a consistent customer experience with your brand.

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