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Customer Relationship Management software is a powerful tool for modern hotels. It fuels hotel marketing, allowing business owners to achieve more targeted marketing progress and much better relationships with guests or clients. A good CRM system for hotels is the best tool to help you meet the demands of the most exacting guests.

Why Do Hotels Need CRM?

Why Do Hotels Need CRM?

It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is of prime importance for any business. This is especially true for the hotel industry where the opinion of customers should always be taken into consideration.
Hotels deal with a variety of customers on a daily basis. In this business, not only quality, pricing and delivery matter; there are lots of other aspects that have thoroughly considered. A good CRM is the backbone for any hotel business, no matter whether it is a small or big hotel.
Hotels serve hundreds of guests every day. Some of them book a room per night whereas others live there for a few weeks. It is physically impossible to meet every guest personally and ask his or her opinion about the level of services. That is why CRM software in hotels can be a good solution to this problem. You can create an effective customer support system, providing fast assistance to clients via phone, chat, email, etc.
Besides, all data will be stored in one place. When using a multi-featured CRM tool, you won't be made to switch between different Excel documents. Everything you need for running a successful hotel business will be in one place.
A good hotel is the one where guests want to come back again and again. CRM solutions for hotels can help achieve that goal.

Benefits of NetHunt CRM for Hotels

Benefits of NetHunt CRM for Hotels

All in all, it is a superb solution, allowing you to boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction!

Best Practices of Using CRM for Hotels

Best Practices of Using CRM for Hotels

It goes without saying that in the 21st century, the hospitality industry can’t do without a good CRM tool. The hotels should understand that using CRM is not a strategy; it is a philosophy that can help achieve much better results. Hotels need CRM because it can help automate a variety of processes.

So, let’s have a look at some practices of using CRM in hotels:

You see that CRM in hotels industry is a must-have tool, allowing to simplify a variety of processes.

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What Does CRM Stand for in Hotels?

What Does CRM Stand for in Hotels?

Customer Relationship Management allows hotel businesses to keep track of business relationships and all the data associated with them. All in all, it is a set of great features and techniques, designed to collect, analyze and process guest information.

So, what does CRM mean in hotels? Indeed, it means:

NetHunt CRM Features

NetHunt CRM Features

Before you download and start using an extensive set of options offered by NetHunt, you probably want to know more about them. Every hotel has unique needs, but NetHunt software can meet any requirements:

Overall, it is a multi-featured and powerful solution, allowing you to boost the performance of the whole team.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

I bought the subscription and use this tool for a few months. I must confess, I’m completely satisfied with its features. Great!

NetHunt CRM is a great tool for my small hotel. Thanks to it, I can handle all CRM tasks faster. It’s a superb solution for my business.

When I bought the subscription, I had some issues. I couldn’t understand how to do this in a proper way, but I contacted their support team. They helped solve my issues in a matter of seconds. Great job!

Summary Why NetHunt CRM?

Summary Why NetHunt CRM?

More and more hotels use NetHunt CRM, which helps them control information about their guests, partners, and dealers. All the collected information can easily be added to the system and allows a hotel management team to define the needs of every guest and create effective targeted communication campaigns.
NetHunt CRM allows planning marketing campaigns in advance and calculates its expenses. The tool helps hear the needs of every guest and every employee working in the hotel.
With NetHunt CRM, you’ll never miss a deal. You can use an email tracking feature, control all deals from the inbox and keep track of the sales pipeline. All these tools, allowing you to boost your productivity will be within easy reach.
Besides, with this tool, you won’t forget anything because the software can send notifications and reminders. Doesn’t matter whether you need CRM software for small hotels or luxurious club hotels, the use of NetHunt might be the best solution!

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