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Back in the days, salespeople used only their phones and newspaper advertising to find car buyers. All the tools they used for organization purposes were notes, desk calendars, and pencils. However, the introduction of automotive CRM changes things dramatically. Modern CRM for car dealers saves their precious time, allows them to get more potential buyers faster and, stay sharply organized at the same time. In other words, CRM for auto dealers is an efficient tool to help you sell more vehicles and reach out to more clients!

Why Do Car Dealers Need a CRM?

Why Do Car Dealers Need a CRM?

The key mission of any CRM tool is to help business owners build relationships with their clients. CRM for the automotive dealers is specifically designed to meet the needs of car dealers. Its main objective is to store customer information and control relationships with them.

Have a look at a few compelling reasons to use CRM systems in this niche:

All in all, auto dealers CRM software is a superb opportunity to provide speedy and friendly service that will help keep clients coming back.

Benefits of NetHunt CRM for Car Dealers

Benefits of NetHunt CRM for Car Dealers

Today, the choice of CRM platforms is huge. It may be pretty hard to make the right choice. Some of them offer a variety of features at a sky-high price, whereas others are free but limited in functionality. NetHunt is among the best CRM for car dealers, being a fully-featured system integrated with Gmail, allowing you to keep everything you need at hand.

The key benefits for auto dealers include:

Best Practices of Using CRM for Car Dealers

Best Practices of Using CRM for Car Dealers

It was proved that the easiest way to eliminate dealership stress is to use a powerful CRM tool. As a result, you and your team will be more effective at work.

Take a look at the main practices of using CRM software for car dealers:

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What Does CRM Stand for among Car Dealers?

What Does CRM Stand for among Car Dealers?

Doesn’t matter whether you already have a big company with a wide array of customers or you are just about to start running your business, you’ll definitely benefit from using CRM tools. CRM for small car dealers will help keep everything under control as well as:

NetHunt CRM Features

NetHunt CRM Features

Before discussing why you need to choose NetHunt, let’s get on with its main features:

All in all, it is a powerful full-featured system, which can save some time and allows you to boost the productivity of the whole team.

Pricing Options

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Customize to your needs, work with the team, and boost your sales. Enjoy powerful Gmail CRM system capabilities, whatever the budget!

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Maximize your productivity with workflow automation. Save time on manual tasks, optimize sales process and upgrade team performance with advanced automation tools.


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Ultimate control, flexibility and scalability. Make use of custom development and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

‘I heard a lot about this CRM system for car dealers, but I started using it a few months ago. Nice tool, it allowed boosting the productivity of my sales team just like it promised.’

‘It seems that this platform was developed with car dealers in mind. It has everything to make the sales process more effective and easier.’

‘NetHunt is very easy to install. I’ve never used such tools before, but I understood how to use it almost immediately. I had one issue, but their support team helped solve it. Thanks!’

Why NetHunt?

Why NetHunt?

Every business owner understands that a good customer relationship is the main formula for success. If you want your client to come back to your company, you need to do your best in achieving that goal. With NetHunt CRM, you’ll definitely eliminate annoyances, minimize missed calls or emails, streamline business processes, create powerful email campaigns, and much more. All in all, it is a powerful system, which has everything a car dealer needs to facilitate and accelerate his or her work.
With NetHunt, you’ll be able to control the number of unsatisfied customers, create precise financial reports, email campaigns, etc. Besides, all members of your team will be able to work in one system.

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