How to Sell Products Online From Home

The times of garage sales or jumble markets are fading away. Now people can save time and sell products from home while lying on a couch or drinking tea. It is quite convenient when your cellar or storeroom is full of various unused items. At the same time, this stuff can still bring some profit if you put in some efforts.

The following guide will help you familiarize with the trade via the web and learn how to sell products online from home.

Table of contents

  1. How to Analyze a Demand for Products You Are Going to Sell (and Would It Be Necessary at All)?
  2. Analysis of Margin – How Much Will You Earn?
  3. Analysis of Sale Expenses for One Item
  4. Analysis of Competitors and Their Sale Strategy
  5. Sites Where You Can Sell Your Products Online
  6. What You Have to Prepare for Selling Your Products Online (Good Photos, Description, Reviews, Video Review Etc.)
  7. How to Brand Your Product to Make It Look More Expensive?
  8. How to Manage Online Customers
  9. Which Items Are Better To Sell from Home?

1. How to Analyze a Demand for Products You Are Going to Sell (and Would It Be Necessary at All)?

The beginning of any activity related to sales is preparing the ground namely analyzing various aspect and factors essential for a trade. In other words, you need to understand whether there is anybody willing to purchase your item or product. It is called a product demand. The developing trends of collectors and connoisseurs of different items is a driving engine of selling products from home since some items gathering dust on your shelves can be rather sought after by the certain individuals or communities.

The international network enables you to find it out within less than an hour. Use your preferred search engine and browse all the possible search requests associated with the purchase of your item for sale. By doing this you will learn the popularity of a certain product and its demand. Nevertheless, if you've failed to find any announcements related to the sale or purchase of the item, do not be upset since there is a possibility to open a new niche and cause a demand for your product in future.

2. Analysis of Margin – How Much Will You Earn?

Selling merchandise from home will be successful if the margin is positive. It means that there is no sense in doing some sales if you earn less than you spend. To avoid such frustration you need to set a price that will cover all your expenses and bring some profit. At the same time, the price should be balanced and not be overvalued since it can scare off potential buyers. Nobody told it would be easy.

Based on the demand analysis, you need to set a price for your item considering such price-forming factors as uniqueness, overall condition, production year, etc. All these values can either decrease or increase the final price. Do not forget about adding the sale expenses that will be described in the next paragraph. Eventually, compare your result with the prices available on the web. A well-balanced price increases your chances to sell the product faster. At the same time, a larger price can attract those who look for a unique and good conditioned item.

3. Analysis of Sale Expenses for One Item

Unless you have manufactured the product for sale by yourself, the sale expenses include mostly the shipping and packaging costs. However, sometimes these expenses may exceed the total price of your item if your customer resides on the other side of the globe. This factor has to be considered primarily during the pricing.

To analyze how much you will spend for shipping and packing, you can visit the official website of the local carrier and calculate the possible options. At the same time, most users selling from home opt for the dedicated websites that offer the required information regarding the shipment.

If you have other expenses, they must be added to the pricing. These may include a repair, purchase of accessories or parts, professional evaluation, etc.

4. Analysis of Competitors and Their Sale Strategy

A sale of products from home provides multiple benefits for many participants of the market because any user may learn your history of sales as well as price fluctuations and other essential data. Such transparency enables to exclude fraud and reduce the customer’s dissatisfaction. You can and should take advantage of this feature to optimize your sale and evade the mistakes of your competitors.

Most online trading platforms let you see when a product was added, what its initial price and other relevant information. All this can be taken into account in order to build an improved sales strategy based on the competitors’ experience. For example, some similar items may be listed on the website for a year with a gradual price decrease. You may avoid the similar scenario by reducing your price from the very beginning of selling goods from home. It does not guarantee the immediate sale but you will definitely save a year of expectation.

5. Sites Where You Can Sell Your Products Online

Now we approach the most topical question of this article – “Where to sell from home?” Indeed, the web offers dozens of trading platforms for any need but the problem of choice does always exist. So, let’s review the top ten popular sites designed for the sale of products from home.


eBay - the flagship of online marketplaces - does not need an introduction. People from every part of the world sell and purchase thousands of goods every day. You can also join this community of seekers by a simple registration. In spite of multiple benefits provided by this website, you have to be prepared to pay a fee for its services and a PayPal fee.


The main direction of Etsy is a sale of handmade or vintage items. Nevertheless, you are free to start your selling activity here. The platform offers numerous promoting options to gain success in your undertakings. In fact, it is difficult to find anyone dissatisfied with Etsy's services even despite the charges consisting of a listing fee, sales fee, and a credit card fee.


The activity of Amazon has begun with the sale of books. Today, the assortment of items is incredibly enormous allowing you to buy or sell almost anything there is. The pros of this website include a usability and a large customer base. Nevertheless, the main challenge observed on Amazon is a high competition. Selling products at home is a tough business.


This service is not as famous as the previous ones but it also has its audience. Craigslist is a great option to sell your items locally. The website takes no fees and enables you to make operations for cash. Besides, some large items like furniture or sculptures are much better to sell using this marketplace. At the same time, be prepared to the spam emails and low ball offers.


All the electronic stuff can be sold here. Glyde is a rather good service since it releases you from the price analysis and analysis of competitors. All you need is to list your item and answer several questions on its condition. Then you obtain the final price and your net income. However, Glyde fees are considerably high and depend on the total price of your item.


Regular stuff cannot be sold using this service since it is dedicated to the pieces of art. Moreover, DeviantArt is more like a community than a trading place. However, the sales are performed here and have many advantages like the almost lack of censorship and a good basic membership. At the same time, people far removed from art will feel uncomfortable here and are unlikely to win success.


Another service with a dedicated type of products is called Bookscouter. It is not necessary to be a genius to understand what items are sold and bought here. Wipe out the dust from your old books and make money as simply as the interface of this website. However, a small barrier can ruin all your undertakings since here you can sell only the books with ISBN.


Selling clothes is not easy but Poshmark has own view hereto. You cannot even imagine how much stuff is sold and purchased here every day. You can join this trend and push luck, however, be prepared to pay a considerable commission fee to the website. All that costs above 15 USD will be charged by 20%.


A yard sale today can be performed online. You do not need to unpack all the stuff and place it outside. A couple of pictures and a price of goods to sell from home will be enough to start earning money. Unfortunately, Bookoo allows performing the trading operation on the local basis. So, the number of potential customers will be limited.


The most popular social network will be an icing on the cake of our rating. Indeed, Facebook is perfect for selling different stuff due to the high opportunities of promotion. You may ask your friends to share a post and it may be viewed by thousands of people from around the world. Nevertheless, this option will not suit those who care about their privacy and reputation.

6. What You Have to Prepare for Selling Your Products Online (Good Photos, Description, Reviews, Video Review Etc.)

The next essential stage of preparation for the online sale is the introduction of your item. People must understand and see what they are going to buy. For this reason, as a seller, you have to provide a detailed information about the product for sale. And it is better to start with photos.

How to make a photo of your product

The photo should reflect all the peculiarities and defects (if present) of an item as if a buyer is looking at it in reality. Take care of a proper lighting and background to highlight the image of the product. It is also recommended to refine the photos in a special software tool to make it visually attractive.

How to write a good description

People like short but relevant descriptions. Naturally, if an item has an interesting story, it is better to be described but make sure to avoid a boring accumulation of words. Besides, keep in mind to embed the keywords for a better visibility of your publication in the search.

The essential features of the product should be highlighted with bold or another face type. At the same time, using various font colors is not advised to avoid an excess gayness of the description.

Build reviews about your product or shop

This measure fits better for the people engaged in regular sales activities. Making and posting reviews of an item is a good idea if you possess a really unique piece of art or some antique. Moreover, if you plan to sell more than dozen items, you should think about the promotion of your shop. In this case, making reviews on your shop will bring fruits.

It can be done personally or you may order a review by a famous blogger. It goes without saying that the review must be positive. Otherwise, you risk experiencing the decrease of customers and the reputation will have to be build anew.

7. How to Brand Your Product to Make It Look More Expensive?

Looking expensive does not mean a high price. However, more than 90% of information is perceived by the eyes, so the better the appearance, the more we want it. But how can we brand an old product as an expensive piece?

First, a proper picture is half the battle. If you are still confused, consult a professional photographer or pay its services to get a visual confirmation of your product’s expensiveness.

Hold on! Before making professional photos, you have to prepare your item. The main difference of a new product from the used one is the lack of a tag. As soon as a tag is removed, the product loses around one-third of its cost. Naturally, placing a tag on the fabricated items is not a good idea but it would fit for the handmade products.

And what about the factory-made items? The situation can be improved by adding a nice and alluring package for the item. It is not necessary to be an original one. All you need is to increase the attractiveness of the item to be sold.

8. How to Manage Online Customers

Some online selling platforms have enough tools and resources to let you comfortably manage your sales process from posting to shipment. However, sometimes it's best to keep track on your online orders and customer interactions.

One efficient way is to use a CRM system for managing your clients. For example, NetHunt CRM lets you manage all your client orders, shipment processes and payment details in case they arrive via email. Keeping a detailed purchasing history also opens an opportunity for sending those customers promotional emails once a new product fitting their tastes appears in stock. You can even launch an email marketing campaign to speed up and automate this process.

9. Which Items Are Better To Sell from Home?

The multiple options for selling items online disclose any limits and restraints to what can be sold from home. Today, people buy and sell cars, furniture, appliances, and other small and big stuff with one click. Naturally, the extra size items cause more concerns about shipping, loading, and packing. Nevertheless, the driving force of any sale is to earn money. For this reason, it is not important what you are going to sell. The matter is how you are going to perform the sale.

Now, you are aware of the key points to be considered, so push luck and get your goal.

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