CRM for Retail

When it comes to retail, there’s no gain from entrusting spreadsheets with your valuable customer data. Such data should be neatly structured, organized, searchable and be ready to put to good use. You need a system that allows you to immediately recall everything about the clients and to provide a personal approach in their buying journey. What you need is a CRM software and strategy to make your business stand out in the market.

A personal retail experience

Retail traders often consider CRM software to be more of an enterprise-centred solution due to its complexity and high price. Even though the advantages of CRM system are many, small retailers often miss out an opportunity to implement one. Yet, with each day, CRM systems become more affordable and flexible, turning into a perfect assistant for retail trade.

A CRM is not only a software but a business strategy for a company to follow and achieve profitability. Wise customer data management, effective loyalty programs, targeted promotions, and special offers are just several components of a successful retail CRM strategy. NetHunt CRM provides your business with the tools of the trade to help you achieve market significance and satisfy your customers.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Better understand your customers

Knowing exactly whom you're selling is the first step to a closed deal. Add customer information to the system, keep detailed Records, and use analytics tools for specific customers or items. A CRM for retail business will allow you to define customer behavior patterns, buying criteria and to differentiate among multiple types of customers for better targeting.

Efficiently manage orders

Digital and online retail services can benefit the most from a CRM for retail sales. Requests and orders can be received, processed, and archived inside the same system. Capture information and turn email requests into standardized Records to create an easily manageable database. Analyze your sales processes and results with smart grouping and reports generation.

Start a loyalty program

Consider generating repeat sales by implementing a loyalty program for your regular customers. You and your associates can not remember every client and their specifics, but NetHunt CRM can. Now you can provide loyal clients with special treatment. Special offers on Birthdays, bonuses for regulars or discounts to their most frequent purchases. These little touches will create a stable clientele that your business can rely upon.

Enable precision marketing

Simply emailing your every existing and potential customer might lead to an exactly opposite effect than you were aiming for. This might actually alienate customers due to the unrelated content they receive. Segment your client database inside NetHunt CRM by the appropriate characteristics (such as age, location, preferred item) for a marketing campaign that will resonate with buyers.

Empower your associates

Ensure a consistent treatment of your special customers by every associate with the easy-to-search Records and mobile availability. Pull up the client's Record to check all his or her data, preferences, and available loyalty perks from any device. All your associates are on the same page thanks to the unified CRM system and real-time updates.

Improve customer support

Use the same CRM as the customer support service for an immediate and informed response to customers' troubles. The client's request email gets immediately associated with his or her profile, displaying the history of a deal in question. With the background info available, you're getting closer to reaching a one-email case resolution.

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