CRM for Sales

If you're in sales and consider a CRM to be an obnoxious system that you have to waste time on, then you're probably using it the wrong way. With the right approach (and the right software) CRM can become one of your most profitable business investments. A sales CRM helps you increase sales numbers, create and manage client database and provide an exceptional customer service.

Professional pipeline management

Each month a sales team communicates with hundreds or even thousands of people. Salespeople can't keep all of the communication in mind or recall every client detail. At the same time, managers can't effectively supervise a process that is disorganized. Such a complex and multistage procedure as converting leads into customers requires a blueprint to follow and a system to store the data in. CRM systems were never meant to be a magical solution to all your sales problems, but it's a tool that can help you.

Salespeople often have to rely on multiple tools to carry out their tasks. Usually, those tools are scattered around different services, meaning more software and higher expenses. A more resource-effective approach is to combine the most valuable services in one. NetHunt does this by integrating a CRM into Gmail Apps and adding new features to Gmail. NetHunt CRM provides salespeople with a set of tools to organize a sales workflow, to create a database of customers and to effectively leverage the gathered information.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Create pipelines that work for you

Your sale processes are unique and your tools must allow you to reflect it and assist your work. NetHunt CRM lets you create and customize sales pipelines, giving a quick overview of your sales progress. Actively manage your opportunities with drag and drop features, assign them to team members and keep the pipeline clean. You can even import sales opportunities from external sources to continue winning deals in NetHunt CRM.

Empower salespeople

A sales CRM system is no longer a place where data goes to die. NetHunt provides salespeople with all the necessary data when and where they need it. A new email from an existing contact immediately gets tagged with the crucial info taken from their Record. The customer’s Record is available inside every email from them, so you can check it or even move that contact further down the pipeline without leaving the email.

Nurture and convert leads

Most leads won't be ready to convert upon being contacted for the first time. Converting them into clients takes time and patience. NetHunt CRM will help you with converting leads into customers and building long-term relationships. Records will store the customer data and your notes which will make further interactions consistent and fruitful. With Follow-Ups, you can set reminders to get back to certain leads later, remind about the offers or upsell existing customers.

Get more time to sell

Lead and opportunities data is the key to a successful deal. Capturing that data often takes time when your main channel of communication is the emails. A comprehensive CRM for sales management lets you quickly capture the data points and proceed to the actual sale being well prepared. Finding the data of the existing clients also becomes an easy task with an all-encompassing search and filter options.

Get the tools you need

An effective CRM is not just a contact manager. Send emails in bulk with mail merge. See their reach with email open tracking. Set reminders and detailed Follow-ups for a comprehensive ToDo list. Schedule your tasks and sync them with Google Calendar. Integrate other services you use during the campaign. Be armed, prepared and ready to conquer the market.

Sell on the go

One of the key advantages of a cloud-based CRM for sales team is that the data is available from anywhere, anytime and with no hassle. The world is mobile and so are sales. Whenever you need customer data, you can get it using your smartphone or tablet. Access data, view pipelines, add notes, log calls, manage your team and more. Even the biggest business and client database will fit inside your pocket.

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