Calendar Support

It’s no use in having productivity tools when they are not communicating with one another. NetHunt CRM will keep your CRM and Calendar always synced and your schedule updated. You don't have to re-type important dates and events into a timetable anymore.

Your Inbox and Calendar synergized

Add Records to Calendar

NetHunt CRM seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to leverage Google Apps. Associate Records and reminders with a date to be in time for the important events.

Keep up with Follow-Ups and tasks

Dates and color-coded flags are not enough to organize your tasks and Follow-Ups? Display all your tasks and reminders in Calendar to visualize the upcoming tasks throughout a day, a week or a month.

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Two-way sync

Create a Follow-Up and it will be added to your Calendar. Or create a Calendar event and it will be turned into a Follow-Up. Use whichever way that fits your workflow better.

Already a part of Google Apps

The days of link-pasting, extensions and workarounds to connect your CRM to a calendar have long passed. NetHunt CRM is already integrated with Google Apps and Calendar.

Smart suggestions

Need to create a Calendar event based on the information received in an email or added to a Record? Smart Suggestions in NetHunt CRM will provide you with this option so you don't have to jump between the apps.

Teamwork. Facilitated.

Manage your team workload and deadlines. Whenever you assign a Record or a task to somebody from your team, a due date will be marked in their Calendar.

Mobile advantages

Keep your finger on the pulse of the appointments and deadlines even if you can't access NetHunt CRM at the moment. You can check the upcoming events by accessing the Google Calendar app from any device you have at hand.

NetHunt CRM for Gmail

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