CRM for Marketing

Carrying out an email marketing campaign isn't just a matter of sending a single message to a myriad of random people. They might have no interest, or even connection to what you're offering. In the best case scenario, expect such emails to immediately moved to the spam folder. That's, obviously, not what your business needs.

Emails that click

When your business relies on emailing marketing, campaigns can't be a shot in the dark. They require a meticulous preparation, an insight into the mind of your customer and a smooth implementation. To ensure this, the information you collect about your potential and existing clients should be systematized, organized and easily accessible. What if all that was possible within Gmail? What if sending hundreds of targeted and personalized emails was as easy as sending a single one?

NetHunt CRM provides your business with the tools to streamline your marketing process workflow and create customer-centered campaigns that work. Turn every email into a unique offer. Show customers that you really know what they want even before they do. Let your messages stand out and invoke replies.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Carry out email campaigns

Reach out to hundreds of leads and clients with a single email using the mass mailing option. Build a mailing list using the client data from any Folder and send personalized messages for better engagement. You can track who has checked your marketing pitch using the open tracking and build reports to analyze the efficiency of a campaign.

Segment your leads

No matter how niche your business is, your clientele is not homogeneous. Leads might live in different countries, represent various areas of business or have distinct needs. So why should they receive the very same email? Segment your mailing list by relevant criteria and client characteristics to ensure that the right people get the right content.

Target the right audience

Let your leads and clients receive a perfect pitch that was written as if exclusively for them. NetHunt CRM allows you to put the data you store to good use during an email campaign. Take your leads and customers information into consideration before emailing them with marketing materials. The more personal, precise and relevant the content you present them, the higher the ROI.

Combine marketing and sales efforts

Marketing and sales team may have different goals, but they often work with the same people. Provide your sales team with the marketing data to mind the segmentation and targeting. Having a complete view of the leads and clients engaged in marketing efforts can make it easier for sales to close deals. As all the data updates in real time, both teams will be on the same page.

Analyze your success

All your marketing efforts can be in vain if you can't measure their efficiency. NetHunt CRM provides you with an insight into the results of your email campaigns. Learn if and who of the recipients have opened your messages. Produce detailed reports to see which tactics work and what groups resonate with your marketing materials.

Integrate with favorite services

Despite having many appropriate features, marketing automation is not the main purpose of a CRM. NetHunt can provide you with segmentation and targeting opportunities for building your mailing list and exporting it into a service of your choice. Export your full client lists or segmented data to your favorite services, like Mailchimp, with ease.

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