CRM for Human Resource Management

When it comes to CRM, most people view it as a software for salespeople or just an advanced contact manager. In reality, CRM has various applications in business that can benefit many spheres and departments. One of them is Human Resources and the recruitment process. After all, R stands for “Relationship” and it’s essential for any company to establish them not only with people from the outside.

Successful Employee relationship management

With the expanding role of the HR managers in the structure of most modern companies, their responsibilities grow, while budget remains the same. It's often required to carry out a hiring campaigns, to manage current employee database and to resolve issues that workers might come across. Usually, you need a new software, training, and higher expenses for that. You can go with picking up an additional piece of software, or adapting the one your company already uses. The later might prove more viable because usually companies have access to multipurpose platforms, and one of them is a CRM system.

It's possible (and quite efficient) to approach a CRM as an Employee Resource Management (ERM) system. Employees are basically clients, with the data you need to store about and the relationships to establish. Considering that NetHunt CRM resides in Google Apps and Gmail, it eliminates the need to install a separate program for ERM. Switching between them is also nonexistent so it provides your HR department with a single platform to work with.

With NetHunt CRM you can

Manage the recruitment process

Potential employees are almost the same thing as the potential customers. Their conversion process should be neatly organized and the data structured. Store everything about the employee in a Record, starting from the very first job application email. With tools like Follow-Ups, Calendar integration, and Mass Mailing, you can streamline the hiring process in your company.

Do ERM inside Gmail

Company's database of previous and current employees is as important as the client database. HRs are expected to collect and update employee data to ensure a healthy relationship between the company and its many workers. Within NetHunt CRM, you can create a Folder dedicated to employees and use it as an Employee Resource Management (ERM) system. Tap into it whenever there is a need to pull out or update such info.

Introduce self-management

Keeping all employee data up-to-date is a difficult task if there are hundreds of people in the company. By providing employees with a limited access to their personal Record, you can establish a system that sustains itself. This way workers can update their personal data, such as a telephone number, address, marital status, etc., without distracting HR managers.

Set a knowledge repository

New employees always have a lot of questions about the internal processes in the company. Create a knowledge repository within NetHunt CRM to give employees an easy access to the referential materials. Whenever somebody has a question, he or she can pull out the answer by searching within the knowledge repository Folder.

Revamp profile management

Keeping a detailed Record about an employee with all the skills, experience, and preference data, allows you to quickly find the most appropriate candidate for a permanent job or a selected task. Use smart grouping to organize and get an immediate overview of the employees by their capabilities. With all the tasks and assignments added to their Records, you can easily carry out the performance assessment.

Make leave management easier

Whenever an employee needs to notify about his or her absence from work, such application can be sent in a form of a Record. For example, you can create a Folder for applying or notifying for leaves and vacations. This way employees have a prepared form with all the fields they need to fill. It's automatically associated with the employee’s Record, so it can be easily reviewed and approved.

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